Become a festival volunteer

Do you want to join our team?

Copenhagen Photo Festival is looking for creative, community-minded, and fun-seeking volunteers to join a passionate group of photography lovers coming together to create an amazing festival experience.

What are the tasks?

As a CPF volunteer you can help sell drinks or tickets, build up the festival park or document the festival experience making video and photo content. Our volunteers are central for creating the special festival vibe!

Where do I sign up?

We are looking for fun seeking and engaged people, who would like to join our community and create the biggest photo event in the Danish Capital. Sign up via the link below.

Do you enjoy photography, events, culture, art and like busy days in an international and creative environment?

We’re looking for volunteers who are as excited as we are to work flexibly and who enjoys helping our festival guests feeling welcome and taking on various practical tasks. Depending on your wishes and experience, you can take on different types of tasks before, during or after the festival. There’s something here for everyone! To be part of the CPF volunteer community, you need to contribute with a minimum of three shifts before, during or after the Festival in June. You must be +18 years to be a volunteer. We welcome all who are interested to apply!

Info desk / Ticket sale

As a volunteer working at the info desk/ticket sale you will be the face of the festival. You will be the one to greet our visitors, artists and curious souls. You will be selling tickets and exchanging tickets for wristbands, as well as selling merchandise and potentially a few drinks. You will also see to the festival park and the venue Frame is looking its best during the opening hours.

Exhibition and event host

Being an Exhibition and Event Host means that you will be visible in the space of our exhibitions and events. Your job will be to make sure our visitors are happy, feel welcome and help with general guidance and questions. At certain events you will be assisting the visitors through an activity and/or hand out the needed tools.

Photographer / Videographer

As a festival photographer/videographer your job will be to document the festival exhibitions and events. We will need documentation of the festival park and exhibitions in the festival centre on Refshaleøen as well as the different exhibitions and events at our partners around town. The task includes postproduction and upload to our server. You need your own equipment to shoot images or video and to edit. 

Production assistant

As Productions Assistant you will be assigned to one of the artists and help them with the production and finishing touches in the days before the grand opening, or the takedown in the days following the festival. This is a great opportunity to learn about exhibition making. This job might also include a few tasks that aren't tied to an artist, but to the broader festival as a whole. It is an advantage if you know how to use smaller power tools, a paintbrush and such.

Bar and/or merchandise

As a volunteer working in our bar and/or merchandise, your job will be to serve drinks or sell merchandise for our visitors. In the bar we sell beer, cider, carbonated drinks and snacks. There might be beers on tap, but everything else will be served by the bottle, so no bartender experience is needed. Experience with customer service and cash-registers is an advantage, but not a must.


As a SuperCPF you are a volunteer in any of the other fields, but you have 6+ shifts instead of the usual 3. You will have the possibility for more responsibility and generally be more involved with the festival. If you just love the festival life and want to spend even more time in our creative, fun-loving, international community, this is perfect for you! It is up to you whether you want to have all your shifts within one area or if you want to try a few different things.

Become a festival volunteer

A rewarding community

At Copenhagen Photo Festival we value our community highly and volunteers are important for us. The festival would not be the same without you! As a way to say thank you, we make sure that all volunteers get a goodiebag, with special products and offers centred around photography, culture, art and events.

You will also receive a festival ticket for all 11 days of the festival, so you can come visit and enjoy the festival, when you don’t have shifts. While on your shifts, you will have access to delicious, organic and environmentally friendly snacks, drinks and food.

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