Video #1: PUTPUT – ‘Photography On’

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The Danish-Swiss artist duo PUTPUT tells about their working process, when creating the series ‘Photography On’. The exhibition was part of Photo City at Copenhagen Photo Festival 2016.

We live in a time that can be described as a renaissance of imagery. We consume images more than ever. Nowadays, a person sees more images in a day, than someone in the 18th century would see in their entire life. We have become a species of editors and consumers of images. Customization is the new mass production. So, as a reaction to the overload of imagery we live amongst and the numbness we have inherently developed for it, PUTPUT have made a selection of image-based objects. With their version of these mundane objects, they confront us with our automatic view towards the printed objects that we constantly surround ourselves with. PUTPUT encourage you to open your eyes again and to think more about the use of photography in our everyday lives.

PUTPUT was established in 2011 by Stephan Friedli (CH) and Ulrik Martin Larsen as a cross-disciplinary practice working primarily within contemporary still life photography, publication, installation, and sculpture.

Video from Copenhagen Photo Festival 2016
The exhibitions took place June 2.-12. 2016 and were part of Photo City at KW3
Video produced by Sturla Pilskog for Copenhagen Photo Festival
Supported by The City of Copenhagen and Danish Arts Foundation