EXHIBITION · Marte Gundersen · Kjære Anna

Fotografisk Center Staldgade 16, København, Danmark

The year I turned 20, I learned a lot about myself. Both
that I fall in love with women, but also that I have
inherited a deadly cancer gene and needed to have a
double mastectomy. Being told that you are at risk of
dying at a young age affects not only yourself, but also those closest to you.
Through this documentary photo series, Iattempt to shed light on how this year has been for me and my girlfriend, Anna; how we have faced the challenges together and grown even closer.
Breast and ovarian cancer are among the most common cancers affecting women in Norway. tI is estimated that 5-10% of these cancers are due to heredity. For me, the most important therapy has been to photograph, write and talk about how everyday life is.
My girlfriend has been there to support me every single day.
So, this series is a love letter to her from me.


EXHIBITION · Peter Funch · The Imperfect Atlas

Fotografisk Center Staldgade 16, København, Danmark

The contemporary art centre, Fotografisk Center, presents the solo exhibition The Imperfect Atlas by the internationally acclaimed visual artist Peter Funch. The exhibition unfolds Funch's multi-year research-based project, The Imperfect Atlas, along with extensive archival material from the region and landscape around Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier in Seattle, USA. With this project, Funch draws attention to the drastic changes that mountainous areas undergo due to human impact on nature.

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