Up-cycled artwork festival tote bags

Image credit: Calmspiracy

Bring home a unique piece of artwork with you from this year’s festival! With the help from the socio economic organisation I Tråd Med Verden on Nørrebro we have created a whole new series of unique CPF tote bags for this year’s festival created from up-cycled artwork banners from previous years! Now you can reserve your own unique tote bag and pick it up at the festival center between 1 and 11 June. 

Upcycled artworks from earlier festivals

As a totally new up-cycling initiative we are very happy to present a special upgraded and up-cycled edition of the traditional CPF tote bag. This year the tote bags are not decorated with our logo as usual. Instead each bag is a small piece of artwork in itself. Each tote is created out of reused textiles from the artworks that decorated our exhibition spaces and park area on Refshaleøen and then designed and sewn by the up-cycling specialists at I Tråd Med Verden. 

If you buy a tote bag this year you can look forward to bringing home a little unique piece of artwork from one of the works by the Copenhagen Photo Festival solo artists Ilvy Njokitijien, Kyrre Lien, Chirag Jindal, Dafna Tal, Mitchell Moreno, Roman Korovi, Ute Behrend from the festival in 2020 or Nick Waplington from 2021. 

Unique festival tote bags made by I Tråd Med Verden

The bags are made with cut out textile from the artists’ textile prints by I Tråd Med Verden (ITMV), which is a social economic association that in partnership with the housing association KAB run sewing and design workshops in vulnerable residential areas. 

They work specifically with up-cycling of discarded textiles as a focal point to create job opportunities, networks and better quality of life for people who have lost their footing on the labor market. The purpose is also to be a local resource that helps form communities and generates knowledge about textile recycling

Limited edition – reserve a bag now

Because of the unique artwork textile, each bag is unique and has a different look. and is only made in a limited edition. The bags will all be sold in our festival center merch shop from 1 to 11 June where you can hop by and pick out your favourite. You can also reserve a tote bag now via email. We will then pick one out for you and you can collect it at the festival center during the festival. 



Made by PVC-free polyester. Measurements: w 37 cm x h 43 cm. The tote bag comes with a long textile strap that allows you to put it over your head when strolling or biking. 

Price: DKK 200