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Photo: Amara Sari, 8

Copenhagen Photo Festival has in collaboration with Brøndby Strand Projektet and Turning Tables arranged a number of creative workshops for children and teenagers in the area around Brøndby Strand. During the 14 days that the workshops lasted, songs, music videos and photography of the highest quality was produced in collaboration with instructors from Turning Tables, and it was all presented to friends and family at the opening on Saturday August 18.

The project can be seen as a part of the theme Framing Society, which was launched at this year’s festival. The exhibited works portray life in the area as well as cultural meetings with great honesty – and hereby presents a part of Danish society through a child’s eyes. We will be showing some of the photos on our Instagram, and the works will these following months be exhibited around Mæglerstien before travelling around the institutions of Brøndby.

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Photo: (From the top) Maliha Shabbir, 10, and Sami Dzemaili, 8