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The challenges of a sustainable practice, explored from artist, institutional, and event perspective.

Alice Pallot (FR), artist, Futures 2022 talent – Suillus, looking at the sun with closed eyelids, 2020

In Suillus, looking at the sun with closed eyelids, Pallot questions the harmful action of human beings on nature and a constantly changing environment, highlighting the contrast between the Lommel’s Sahara (Belgium) idyllic appearance and its actual invisible toxicity. This series is made without any retouches but with materials or waste found on site to create filters and make us look at this territory through pollution.

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Daniel Hinks (CH/UK), photographer, The Sunshiners; Code Red in Green China (2021) 

In this project, Daniel Hinks focuses on fishing culture in China and how the increasing amount of plastic and contamination in the oceans is impacting this way of life and questions old habits and traditions. With his creative process, Hinks adds external elements to connect the photographs with the people, the place and the reality he presents.

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Jacob Teglgaard (DK), Co-founder and director of Bæredygtigt

Bæredygtigt Kulturliv NU is an organisation whose purpose is to build bridges between climate research, cultural life and civil society and make Danish cultural life the most sustainable in the world. They promote the green and sustainable transition in the cultural sector by, among other things, informing, facilitating, advising and mobilising the arts and culture sector to act sustainably and especially CO2-reducing.

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Carina Hammer (DK), Sustainability manager at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Carina has worked with the sustainability agenda for the last teen years from different angles. As head of an national educational programme at the The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship, working with student-startups and educators, kickstarting business ideas around the Sustainable development goals. She started a green movement of 300 volunteers at the Roskilde Festival in 2014 called ReAct, that kickstarted sorting guests waste on a big scale, installed 11 recycling stations and won the environmental prize. She was head of projects at the sustainable platform Tomorrow, gathering youth organisations, green startups, artistic projects and corporates at Tomorrow Festival. She has also worked with sustainability at Apple Flower Festival. Now, she is Sustainability Manager at Louisiana Museum of modern art. 


Krzysztof Candrowicz (PL), Interdisciplinary curator, sociologist, researcher, project facilitator and activist 

Co-founder and member of Foundation of Visual Education and Fotofestiwal in Lodz, former director of the Art Factory and Lodz Art Center (PL). During 2013-2018 worked as artistic director of the Triennial of Photography in Hamburg (DE) and since 2018 as curator and collaborator of the Ci.CLO Porto Biennale (PT).

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Imagine 5 

Imagine5 is an impact media foundation co-creating a sustainable future. They aim to inspire and unite behind great ideas, through storytelling, partnerships and building an engaged community. They tell powerful stories about sustainable initiatives through their website, social media and newsletter. By elevating the work of those working to make an impact, bringing awareness to environmental causes and sharing how we can come to action, they inspire and empower a community.

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Is the future of art to be more public – is it more sustainable, more democratic? Possibilities and challenges.

Erik Berglin (SE), artist, The Bird Project (2007-2016) 

The Bird Project is a long-term work that Berglin created over a period of twelve years. He wheat-pasted hand cut photographs of birds in cities all over the world. The birds, which were all in natural size, were placed at selected locations to then be documented photographically by the artist himself. This project combines various fields, such as ornithology, storytelling and street art/street photography.

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Hilla Kurki (FI), artist, Almost All the Flowers in My Mother’s Garden (2022) 

In her project, Hilla Kurki literally explores her mother’s garden to photograph her beloved flowers. Kurki examines relationships between mothers and their daughters because she realised with people her age that they had a lot in common. Her series was published in a book in 2022 and accompanied by texts created from various intimate memories collected from anonymous daughters. All of them convey their stories and the care and attention all daughters deserve to grow. 

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More info on IG: @hillakurki


Kristina Knipe (US), artist,  Talisman (2022) 

Talisman is a project of great symbolism in which the process and the result are equally important. The project is both an illustration of decadence, masquerades and contemporary healing practices and an experience of pleasure that aids healing the protagonists. The artist explores photography as a medium of multiple levels of expression and each image is a “tableau” with multiple details and seems to want to return to what is important, the sources, to reconnect with your inner self and re-wild. 

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Raphaël Biollay (CH), curator at Images Vevey 

Images Vevey is established purely for public benefit and contributes to the promotion and cultural development of the region in the field of visual arts, through the valorisation of the concept of ‘Vevey town of images’. The foundation has four main activities: the Images Vevey biennial, a visual arts event that takes place every even years, a permanent exhibition space for contemporary photography called L’Appartement – Espace Images Vevey, the Grand Prix Images Vevey, one of Europe’s longest standing grants for photographic creation and Images Vevey’s own publishing house, committed to assist innovative editorial projects, in particular with the creation of the Images Vevey Book Award.

Here you can find a presentation of his work!

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Louise Fiil Hansen (DK), partner and design director at SLA Architects

SLA Architects is an internationally renowned nature-based design studio working globally with cities, nature, places and people. They address the major global challenges of urbanisation, climate crises and biodiversity extinction while creating liveable, meaningful, and sustainable places for life. 

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What are the future aspects? New technologies offer new concepts of art and concepts of reality. How does it affect our understanding of the artwork? How does it challenge our ethical codex and what healing potentials does the technology offer in the global climate crisis?

Craig Ames (UK), artist, Photographs of British Algae – AI Impressions (2022)

Inspired by the botanist and photographer Anna Atkins and her photographic record of botanical specimens Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions (1843-1853), Craig Ames uses a broad sample of the Latin names of the specimens that Atkins photographed and processed them through a text-to-image AI generator, producing a body of work which was labelled and catalogued to create a new visual taxonomy of simulated algae. In this way, the simulacra intentionally distorts the boundaries between the real and the artificial, highlighting the growing disconnect between the natural world and the simulated hyperreality.

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Susanne Fagerlund (SE), artist, Futures 2023 talent – THE DOPPELGÄNGER SERIES – Mourning mirrors for what is being lost (2022 – Ongoing) 

Fagerlund’s series consists of photographs from nature reserves, collaborations with artificial intelligence (AI), holograms and videos. The artist photographs in forests, collecting what is at risk of extinction and freezing it forever in images. Grief and the loss of biodiversity are an important part of this series, where the archive of her images undergoes photographic cryonics with the help of AI. She enlightens the current climate crisis and questions our relationship with nature in an attempt to digitally recreate disappearing biotopes.

Here you can find her CV!

More info on // IG: @susannefagerlund


Daniel Szalai (HU), artist, Futures 2020 talent – Unleash Your Herd’s Potential, (2019 – ongoing)

Considering precision dairy farming, the work reflects on surveillance, exploitation and our relationship with nature. Utilising computer vision, AI and robotics, today’s automated farm functions as a digital panopticon in which cows are subject to continuous monitoring. Szalai uses photogrammetry: this 3D-scanning technique represents its subjects as a cloud of information and gives the work a ‘sci-fi bucolic’ character in which the datafied existence of animals belongs to a technological landscape perceived through digital means. 

Here you can find a presentation of his work  and his CV!

More info on Daniel Szalai // IG: @daniel_szalai 


Majken Overgaard (DK)

Art/tech expert and founder of Korridor, an organization run collectively by three people focusing on art, technology, and design.
The mission is to build and explore relations between online art and culture and the surrounding offline world – a connecting corridor.Majken Overgaard is working with interdisciplinary collaborations where art and technology merge and create new space for different ideas, new developments and art works. 

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Lisa Giomar Hydén (SE), Director of Exhibitions at Fotografiska Stockholm since 2019. MA in Peace and Development Studies, BA in Cultural Anthropology. Graduated from the Stockholm School of Photography. 

Fotografiska Stockholm was the first Swedish Museum which presented a large exhibition exclusively with NFT art – Somewhere Ethereal in Spring 2022. Fotografiska’s current exhibition In Bloom is a tribute to nature as a source of inspiration and energy and as a peaceful oasis with 16 photographers, a.o. Cig Harvey and David Ụzọchukwu, Helene Schmitz and the duo Inka & Niclas.

Here you can find presentation of her work!

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