The International Journalism Project

Middle East - Iraq, Bazwaya: A dead Daesh or ISIS fighter. The battle for Mosul intensifies as the Iraqi Special Operations Forces (ISOF) gains territory toward the city as the battle for Mosul continues.
Exhibition Poster 2018

The International Journalism Project: ‘The Battle for Mosul – Rise of the white flag’, was a group exhibition involving 16 of the world’s leading war photographers exhibited in Photo City in 2018. Through a series of photos the exhibitions depicts the dramatic events of Mosul, Iraq, during the battles against the Islamic State. We follow the Iraqi forces with their allies in the reconquest of Mosul that had been a stronghold for the members of the IS.  

Next to showing dramatic war scenes, the exhibition is also a documentation of the consequences on the civil society and their local culture. They reveal how IS aimed to wipe out all traces of life and culture that did not fit into their radical worldview. As part of the exhibition are also a series of objects with a cultural importance that was given to the photographers from the local people in order to protect them from the war. 

‘The Battle of Mosul’ is a heroic tale of the war’s heroes and villains which shows the threat that war and conflicts poses to our common life and cultural heritage. 

Andrew McConnell

Andrew McConnell (b. 1977) is an Irish press photographer, focusing on issues such as displacement, post-conflict issues, and the environment. He has worked in-depth on issues such as the Syrian refugee crisis, e-waste in Ghana, the surfers of the Gaza strip, and the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo, for which he won the Luis Valutena Humanitarian Photography Award. In 2009 he completed a series on the forgotten Sahrawi people of Western Sahara, for which he was awarded 1st place in the portrait story category of the World Press Photo awards.  

His work has been exhibited worldwide in places such as the House of Parliament in London and Visa Pour l’Image in Perpignan, France, and he has received numerous prizes such as the 1st prize of Pictures of the Year International, several awards from World Press Photo, a 3rd prize from Sony World Photography award, etc.     

Andrea DiCenzo

Andrea DiCenzo (b. 1985) is an American photojournalist whose work focuses on armed conflict and humanitarian crises throughout the Middle East. Over the past five years, much of her work has focused on the war with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, as well as Iraq’s legacy with armed conflict. Her clients include The New York Times, Marie Claire, WIRED, The Wall Street Journal, etc. Her work has received multiple awards such as the American Photography award. 

DiCenzo is currently National Geographic Society Explorer working on a story in Baghdad. 

Allesandro Rota

Allesandro Rota (b. 1988) is an italian photographer specialized in reportage. he accomplished with merit a Master in Photojournalism at the University of Westminster of London in 2011. Immediately after he was selected for an internship at the prestigious NOOR photo-agency of Amsterdam. 

Since 2013 he has been traveling around in Africa and the Middle East, to areas of conflict and crisis which is is area of interest as a photographer together with commercial photography. His work has appeared in exhibitions around the world as well as in medias such as National Geographic, The Observer, Vogue, Le Figaro, etc. He has received awards including at the Festival of Ethical Photography, and the International Photography Awards.   

In this picture: Agents from NSS (National Security Services) go on patrol to check an industrial area where Isis used to stock lethal weapons.
Andrea Dicenzo

Alex Potter

Alex Potter is a photographer and journalist from the Midwest working mostly in the Middle East. Her work explores conflict and trust, loss and isolation within communities and relationships. Alex aims to bridge the gap between the foreign and familiar by creating thought-provoking and emotional images. Her clients include National Geographic, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Times of London, Harper’s Magazine among others. 

Andoni Lubaki

Andoni Lubaki was born in Urretxu in 1982, he is an award-winning photo reporter based in Basque Country covering MENA countries and interested in national and social identities. After he completed a degree in Computer Science he used his camera as an excuse to travel the world. The experience led him to focus his career on photography.

In 2011, Andoni Lubaki published his first pictures about the war in Libya and has since traveled around the world developing stories. In the last few years, he has focused on developing long-term and personal projects. He has a blog in the Basque national newspaper GARA, where he publishes his articles and pictures regularly. He is one of the founding members of Ronak Press, a non-profit association that helps to make visible stories and news that cannot be found in the press.

Charles Thiefaine

Charles Thiefanine is originally from Roubaix, Charles Thiefaine and is a freelance photojournalist living between Paris and Iraq. He began studying architecture at the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium, before turning to a school of journalism in 2013.

In 2015, Charles Thiefaine went to northern Iraq where he began a photographic series around everyday life in a region plagued by violence. He collaborates with Marie Claire, Le Figaro, Liberation, Le Parisien magazine, So Foot, i-D, Vice, Al Jazeera, The National, Ouest France, la libre, Al monitor …

Middle East - Iraq, Al-Qayyarah: A kid holding an Iraqi flag in the town of Al-Qayyarah. The oil wells continue to burn and releasing a toxic thick black cloud over the town since the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) fighters torched them. Iraqi fire crews and workers continue to fight the flames as the petrol burns causing major health issues and environmental damage.
Les combatants de l'armée Irakienne et NPU luttent contre les combatants de l'Etat islamique. The milicians and the iraqi army fighting in the street against ISIS soldiers during the offensive on Qaraqosh.

Gabriel Romero

Gabriel Romero is a freelance photojournalist based in Los Angeles, CA. He specializes in local and international news in the areas of conflict, environmental, and humanitarian coverage. Gabriel is an alumni of the 2011 Eddie Adams Workshop. His work can be seen in Communication Arts Photography Annual 53, the upcoming American Photography 33 and October 2017 issue of Social Documentary Networks ZEKE magazine. Most recently, his work has focused on Middle Eastern and Latin American issues. 

Jan Grarup

Jan Grarup (DK, b.1968). Grarup has been honored with many of the most prestigious awards from the photography industry and human rights organizations. Jan Grarup is based in Copenhagen – Denmark. Over the course of his twenty five-year career Jan Grarup has photographed many of history’s defining human rights and conflict issues. 

‘Grarup’s work reflects his belief in photojournalism’s role as an instrument of witness and memory to incite change, and the necessity of telling the stories of people who are rendered powerless to tell their own.’

Grarup has been honored with many of the most prestigious awards from the photography industry and human rights organizations: 8 World Press Photo awards, UNICEF, W. Eugene Smith Foundation for Humanistic Photography, Oskar Barnack award,  POYi and NPPA. In 2005 he was awarded with a Visa d’Or at the Visa Pour l’Image photo festival in France, for his coverage of Darfur’s refugee crisis. 

Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos specializes in documenting social issues and humanitarian crises in conflict-affected societies as well as covering current world events while also pursuing personal documentary projects.

Juan Carlos was born in El Salvador, Central America but immigrated to the United States during the mid-1980’s. documenting human rights and conflicts issues as well as political, social, economic, environmental,health and cultural subjects around the globe, focusing on under-reported issues and long-term projects, including the ongoing post-conflict situation in his native country of El Salvador.

Nish Nalbandian

Nish Nalbandian has  photographed more than 35 countries worldwide.​

His editorial work has appeared in such diverse outlets as the Human Rights Watch World Report, The Los Angeles Times, NPR, The New Yorke. His work has been displayed in the New York Photo Festival, Powerhouse Arena, and IPA Best in Show in New York, and in exhibitions in Barcelona, Dublin, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok, London, New York, Denver, and San Diego. 

Middle East - Iraq, Kalak: Hassan Sham refugee camp east of Mosul. Thousands of Iraqis are fleeing their hometowns to refugee camps, escaping the heavy fighting between ISIS and the Iraqi Special Operations Forces (ISOF) during the Mosul offensive.
Middle East - Iraq, Bazwaya: ISIS graffiti in the gate reads "THE HAND OF THE THIEF MUS BE CUT WITH A SWORD, by the order of the ISLAMIC STATE".

Osie Greenway

Photographer and videographer Osie Greenway has been working since 2012 covering humanitarian issues, conflicts, and social developments focusing on subjects such as the war against ISIS in Iraq, the effect of the Syrian refugee crisis, and political turmoil in the mideast. 

He is currently based in the US covering social, political and cultural issues including the American opioid epidemic and civil rights movements.

 His work has been published in major publications around the world and presented in exhibitions in London, Paris, New York, Brussels, Moscow, Berlin, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Phiadelphia, Vienna and Scotland. 

 He is a RISC XII alumni and cofounder of the International Journalism Project.

Yan Boechat

Yan Boechat was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1974 and has lived in Toronto (Canada) has been a journalist for almost 20 years. He worked most of his career as text reporter for major Brazilian newspapers and magazines, covering a wide range of topics, such as economics, foreign policy, politics and human rights. Boechat also has extensive experience working in different parts of the world. He has covered issues in Afghanistan, Ukraine, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt, Angola, D.R. Congo, South Korea, South Africa, Venezuela, Colombia and different countries in Europe. He’s now a freelancer photojournalist and can be hired for short and long assignments. 

Quentin Bruno

Quentin Bruno is a French and Belgian photographer born in 1991.He started his international career by covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, documenting the life of Syrian refugees in Lebanon for a year, the Jungle refugee camp in Calais, and child slavery in Senegal.

 For over a year, he has dedicated his time to covering armed conflicts in Iraq and Syria, and he photographed the battle of Mosul from start to finish.  During this time, he spent several months embedded with Christian defence militias, to cover the return of Christians to the Nineveh plains.

He regularly works with renowned French newspapers, including Le Figaro, The New York Times (Lens Blog), L’Obs, Marianne, Libération, Le Point and La Croix.