Open Call for Photo City: Here are the selected photographers

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Photo: Michelle Klausen

Thank you for all the applications for a solo exhibition in Photo City.

We have received 75 applications from 16 different countries – as well as a number of applications following the deadline that unfortunately couldn’t be included in the assessment process.  This is almost twice as many applications as in 2017, and we are very grateful for the huge interest.

As the final decision is based on the exhibition profile of Photo City this year, both current and qualified exhibition proposals have been deselected in the process. Meaning that the decision is not purely made on the quality of the work, but also on the profile of Photo City as a whole.

It is the festival’s advisory board that has chosen the exhibiting photographers for Photo City, outside as well as inside, and it is with great pleasure that we can now announce the four photographers:


  • Sara Vighi (IT)
  • Marta Pohlmann-Kryszkiewicz (DE)


  • Martin Thaulow (DK)
  • Niels Stelte (DE)

All photographers have been noticed.

The four photographers are part of the full programme for Photo City, which consists of 11 different exhibitions. Det full programme will be available in the beginning of March.

We are looking forward to working with these photographers and to present their work at this year’s festival.