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A big thank you to all of you who made Copenhagen Photo Festival an amazing experience. A big thank you to all the photographers and visual artist for their commitment to the festival and to all the galleries and institutions, who took part in the festival. This year’s programme included 275 photographers exhibiting at 56 locations in Copenhagen, Jutland and Scania – and the festival was visited by more than 64.000 people.

Thank you to the festival’s sponsors and supporters as well and to the many other collaborators, who assisted at this year’s festival. And last but not least, thank you to all our volunteers, who – with their time and hard work – help realize Copenhagen Photo Festival year after year.


It has been 10 years since the first edition of Copenhagen Photo Festival took place. From the beginning a central part of the profile of the festival was to bring photography out in the public sphere – where people are. Right from the beginning the aim was also to encourage the citizens of Copenhagen as well as photo enthusiasts to take part in open competitions in a time, where everybody has a personal relationship with the medium of photography. Both have been regular parts ever since, and we are proud to be able to present the so far most extensive exhibition programme in the urban space in close cooperation with dedicated professional and art institutions.

Our anniversary programme included a photo island outside La Banchina, where works by the world-renowned photographer Mary Frey were exhibited. At Broens Gadekøkken we presented Ulrik Hasemann and Mathias Svold’s Kystland, and on the town squares self-portraits from the exhibition Self-Staged at the Theater Museum at the Court Theatre were exhibited. Again this year, you could also take part in the DAC photo competition Fang din by, which can be seen until September 1 at Bryghuspladsen in front of BLOX.


This year we moved our festival center to Refshaleøen, which gave us the opportunity to work together with Copenhagen Contemporary, Teaterøen and Reffen – Copenhagen Street Food. Our festival center was spread out on three locations at Refshaleøen, Maskinværkstedet, Beddingen and Flexsalen. On each of these three locations the festival’s main exhibitions could be seen, each part of either Framing Vision, Framing Society or Framing Identity.

Framing Vision was placed in Maskinværkstedet, where The Censored Exhibition, KOMA RETREAT by Mathias Løvgreen (DK), Void by Garrett O. Hansen (US) and the book installation The Year by Julia Mejnertsen was exhibited. From there you could move on to Beddingen and Framing Identity, where the exhibitions White Rage by Espen Rasmussen (NO), Oyster by Marco Marzocchi (IT) and Bambola by Franziska Gilli (IT) was presented. Framing Society was placed in both Flexsalen at Copenhagen Contemporary, where Domestic Rituals and Real Life Dramas were exhibited, and behind the containers at Beddingen, where the outdoor exhibition Living Room by Jana Sophia Nolle (DE) was placed.

Mary Frey in Flexsalen. Photo: Hans Vedsted


We look forward to start planning next year’s festival, which will take place June 4-14, but we can already now reveal some of the things that’ll be on the programme next year. In 2018 we started on the project Identity Dialogues Europe together with Noor (NL), Ad Hoc Gestion Cultural (ES) and Italy’s oldest photo festival Sifest (IT). The aim of IDE is to explore photography across borders and thereby shed light on cultural identity in Europe – and everyone can contribute!

The project will be finalized with an exhibition on next year’s festival, and we invite photographers and visual artists to contribute with their own projects. So keep an eye on @reconstructionofidentities on Instagram, where we will launch our open call.

Calls for the festival center will open at the end of 2018. For more information, please sign up for our newsletter, where the dates will be published.

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Jana Sophia Nolle and Espen Rasmussen's outdoor exhibitions. Photo: Hans Vedsted