Cosmic metaphors in Kerteminde

In Johannes Larsen Museum in Kerteminde you can right now experience the photo exhibition Reflections by photographer Janne Klerk accompanied by texts by astrophysicist Anja C. Andersen and author Gitte Broeng. In the exhibition Klerk explores a tiny lake in the woods and creates a central metaphor for our relationship with nature, cosmos and other people. 

Janne Klerk’s extensive solo exhibition in the old home of the Danish artist and nature lover Johannes Larsen spans three central series in her work and over several decades of her career. The exhibition gives a perspective to her interest and work with reflections as a varied phenomenon. The core message of Klerk’s exhibition consists of a series of photographic reflections which bring humans and the cosmos into play and bring nature right into the exhibition space.

Her project, “Reflections at the Foot of Heaven” consists of photographs taken of the water surface of the same small lake and raises a wide range of questions; about the refraction of light in water, about the ecosystem, the universe, the sun, the atmosphere and about reflections between people.

“When you’ve spotted all the parallels there are between motifs on the surface of the water and the way we humans reflect ourselves in each other, the ways we act and communicate, the water surface becomes a fascinating and rich phenomenon,” the artist says.

Hear more about Janne Klerk’s fascination and work with reflections – from the tiny lake in the woods to the big cosmos – in the video below, which also features astrophysicist Anja C. Andersens reflections on the phenomenon of reflections. 

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Artist talk on 7 June