Exhibition // Craig Ames - Photographs of British Algae - AI Impressions

Using one of the cutting-edge imaging technologies of the day, the English botanist and photographer, Anna Atkins, created the world's first photobook and photographic-based record of botanical specimens. Celebrated for its historic significance and artistic merits, her ‘Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions’ (1843-1853), has gone on to inspire generations of artists and image-makers.

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) image generation is perhaps the most transformational imaging technology currently being developed and employed. Adopting Atkin’s philosophical approach to image-making, Ames utilises this rapidly evolving technology in order to create specimen exemplars of 'AI impressions'.

Working from a broad sample of the organic specimens Atkins originally illustrated, Ames repurposed their Latin names and processed them through an AI image generator to create new visual forms. The resulting ‘photographic’ fabrications were labelled and catalogued to create a new visual taxonomy of simulated algae. The synthesized specimens intentionally distort the boundaries between the real and the artificial, highlighting the growing disconnect between the natural world and the simulated hyperreality that increasingly subsumes it.


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Thursday - Sunday: 12:00 - 17:00

The festival headliners 2023

Image credit: Nanna Heitmann

Copenhagen Photo Festival is happy to announce the six solo artists who have been selected as this year's headliners at Copenhagen Photo Festival 2023. This summer, photographs will literally be sprouting all over Copenhagen, when the selected six photographers engage with the theme rewilding and present us with new perspectives on an important, current topic.

The six solo artists exhibiting at Copenhagen Photo Festival 2023 explore this year’s theme rewilding in the widest sense of the concept and the complexities it entails. From the rewilding of nature to climate issues and diversity to the rewilding of other spheres e.g. bodies, society, social structures or art in itself. 

From Magnum and AI photography to rewilding street photos and flower portraits

Each artist present their own perspective on rewilding and engages with it in an intriguing way – from classic photography techniques , AI technology, 'rewilded' street photography to portrait photography with a green twist, critical climate narratives and documentary photos, where stories about identity, healing and belonging sprout in new ways.

The six announced solo artist for the 2023 festival are: 

Rewilding dilemmas

The concept rewilding refers to a process of letting nature regulate itself without human interference. Instead of ‘caring’ for nature in a way that serves human purposes or profits, rewilding seeks to restore, repair, cure or even heal nature in a sustainable way that serves nature in itself and aids our gasping climate and biodiversity. The concept has flourished in recent years and proposes solutions but also contests existing (man-made) structures and power relations. 

We look forward to presenting the works of each artist with a solo exhibition at our festival centre on Refshaleøen or in the public space of Copenhagen.

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