Opening // Open house at FABRIKKEN for Kunst & Design Copy

Denmark's largest studio building for visual artists and designers invites you to the annual Open House on Saturday 3 June.

The opening day offers performances, workshops, open studios, group exhibition and food and drink at reasonable prices in our cozy garden.

In the Maskinhallen on Sundholm, which is a remnant of FABRIKKEN, there is a workshop for adults
on degrowth from 9-12 by visual artist Signe Vad together with actors from the art and culture
scene, and at FABRIKKEN there is a workshop for children and their parents by visual artist Esben
Klemann and visual art teacher Christel Barbara Kraft.

The workshop for children is open between 12-18, and here you can try your hand at making objects and figures from a variety of materials.

Between 14-16 there is a workshop / conversation room for adults about degrowth by visual artist
Signe Vad.

Visit the exhibition Largely (not wholly), curated by visual artists Isabella Solar Villaseca
and Maria Nørholm Ramouk, with the participation of many of the approximately 75 visual artists
and designers in the building.

The entire event and all workshops are free, and everyone is welcome.