Solo artist 2021

Stig Marlon Weston


Empirical is a photographic exploration of the Amazon rainforest landscape, investigating how the scientific method of looking at climate change can be depicted as a way in which to see and sense the natural environment.

Working with scientists and local activist groups, Stig Marlon Weston has travelled through both rainforest nature reserves and industrially developed areas to document and collect visual samples of how human activity has inflicted changes upon the natural landscape.

With cameraless photography he makes «lumen prints» by exposing light sensitive analog photographic paper to sunlight. The paper reacts to the light and a shadow imprint is formed as a direct photograph of the subject placed on the paper. The paper also reacts to temperature, humidity, physical touch and chemical interaction.

Weston’s practice is conceptual and process based, with a focus on the physicality of the photographic image. He addresses the connection between truth, personal viewpoint, and interpretation of images by limiting the information given to the viewer thereby letting the image reveal its own narrative.


Stig Marlon Weston (b. 1974, Norway) is a photographer and founder of a studio and gallery collective in Oslo for
emerging and established art photographers. He has received awards and grants and exhibited nationally and internationally. In addition, he also curates exhibitions, teaches workshops in creative image making, and has been a juror in both national and international competitions. For the third time in 2020 he organized the National Photography Review for Norwegian photographers and also opened the largest open community darkroom in Norway.