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The six solo artists exhibiting at Copenhagen Photo Festival 2023 explore the theme rewilding in the widest sense of the concept and the complexities it entails. From the rewilding of nature to climate issues and diversity to the rewilding of other spheres e.g. bodies, society, social structures or art in itself. 

This year’s headliners each propose their individual take on the implications of rewilding with the use of AI technology, ‘rewilded’ street photography, portrait photography with a green twist, critical climate narratives and images where stories documenting identity and belonging sprout in new healing ways.

The concept rewilding refers to a process of letting nature regulate itself without human interference. Instead of ‘caring’ for nature in a way that serves human purposes or profits, rewilding seeks to restore, repair, cure or even heal nature in a sustainable way that serves nature in itself and aids our gasping climate and biodiversity. The concept has flourished in recent years and proposes solutions but also contests existing (man-made) structures and power relations. 

Solo artist 2023

Nanna Heitmann – Hiding from Baba Yaga, 2018 – Ongoing

A traditional horse race of the Tuvinese National Festival Naadym in the steppe, at 43 degrees. The horses and their riders cover a distance of 30km. Seven horses died in the heat from Nanna Heitmann’s project “Hiding from Baba Yaga”, 2018.

Solo artist 2023

Kristina Knipe – Talisman, 2022

Whit and Colin with Wedding Rings from Kristina Knipe’s project “Talisman”, 2020.

Solo artist 2023

Daniel Hinks – The Sunshiners; Code Red in Green China, 2021

Low-lying coastal areas more broadly, human-induced changes can be rapid and modify coastlines over short periods of time, outpacing the effects of SLR Sea Level Rises from Daniel Hinks’ project “The Sunshiners; Code Red in Green China”, 2021.

Solo artist 2023

Craig Ames – Photographs of British Algae – AI Impressions, 2022

Sargassum bacciferum from Craig Ames’ project “Photographs of British Algae – AI Impressions”, 2022

Solo artist 2023

Hilla Kurki – Almost All the Flowers in My Mother’s Garden, 2022

#056 from Hilla Kurki’s project “Almost All the Flowers in My Mother’s Garden”, 2022.

Solo artist 2023

Erik Berglin – The Bird Project, 2006 – 2017

Trichoglossus Haematodus, Calle Gervasio Espinosa, Buenos Aires from Erik Berglin’s project “The Bird Project”, 2020.


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Go wild!


The programme committee and Copenhagen Photo Festival would like to thank all the applicants who have applied for a solo exhibition at this year’s Copenhagen Photo Festival. We have selected nine shortlisted photographers out of the several hundred applicants from more than 40 countries seeking the open call for 2023. It was inspiring to look through each individual project engaging with this year’s theme, rewilding!

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