MY PLACE – Seminar: Kent Klich, Prasiit Staphit, Henrik Brahe, Osie Greenway & André Liohn

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My Place focuses on photographs depicting everyday life in areas of conflict. What has characterized humanistic documentary photography from conflict zones? How does the visiting photojournalist’s work differ from that of the inhabitants of the area, or that of the artist?

The participating artists are:

  • Kent Klich, who is currently showing his exhibition “Gaza Works” at the National Museum of Photography
  • Prasiit Sthapit, who is exhibiting “Change of Course” in Photo City, which deals with the Narayani River that separates the disputed area between Nepal and India.
  • Photographer and archaeologist Henrik Brahe, who will also be showing his exhibition, “Iraq War Shoes”, during the festival at the Global Art Gallery.
  • War photographers Osie Greenway and André Liohn, both exhibiting in Photo City as part of The International Journalism Project, with the work titled: The Battle of Mosul – Rise of the White Flag.

Moderated by Senior Researcher Mette Kia Krabbe Meyer. The seminar will be presented in English.