Sculptural Landscapes

Sculptural Landscapes presents a number of Scandinavian artists who all work with the sculptural and abstract qualities of photography. In their works, they approach the landscape as phenomenon, and we meet both man-made and natural landscapes as well as internal and external landscapes. Here, the landscape is both a universal fact and a personal affair, and the artists’ approach is just as many-faceted. Here we meet works created directly in the camera, but also works that are distorted, faded, twisted and sampled outside of the camera. And the artists do not limit themselves to working within the frame, they challenge the surface of the image itself as they move outside of the frame in spatial installations. These artists not only invite us to engage visually, but also to touch them and to dive into them. They invite us to inhabit the worlds presented to us and to explore and engage with both the depicted space and the exhibition space.The exhibition is curated by Trine Stephensen, Plantation Journal. 

Linn Pedersen

Linn Pedersen (b.1982, Norway) lives and works in Kristiansand. Pedersen holds a BA degree from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHiB) and an MA degree from Central Saint Martins in London. In 2011 she curated the Lofoten International Art Festival together with Thora Dolven Balke. Together with Ann Catrin November Høibo and Cecilie Nissen she curated a series of four exhibitions at Kristiansand Kunsthall in 2017. She has exhibited in Brüssels, Helsinki and Bergen and Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum (2014-15) among others. 

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Adam Jeppesen

Adam Jeppesen was Born 1978 in Kalundborg, Denmark. Lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. And in 2002 graduated from Fatamorgana, Copenhagen, DK. His solo exhibitions include in FOAM, Amsterdam (2018), Martin Asbæk Gallery, Copenhagen (2017), Kunst Haus Wien, Vienna (2017) and  Niels Borch Jensen, Copenhagen (2017) among others. He received Paul René Gauguins Fond in 2012 along with the The Danish Arts Foundation and is part of the collections at the Denver Art Museum, The Danish Arts Foundation, The Swedish Arts Foundation among others. 

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Inka & Niclas Lindergård

Inka (Finland) and Niclas (Sweden) Lindergård is an awarded artist duo who works primarily with photography-based art. They have worked together since 2007 and live in Stockholm, Sweden.

The materiality of photography is crucial in Inka and Niclas Lindergård’s work which tells of the contemporary perception processes of nature and the connection of the photographic medium with the stylisation of landscape. They have released two books, ‘The Belt of Venus and the Shadow of the Earth’  which revolve around performative photographic acts that can only be experienced through the photograph and ‘Watching Humans Watching’ They exhibit and are published internationally on a regular basis. Their work are included in private collections in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, Slovakia, USA, Canada, Brazil and Puerto Rico as well as in the permanent collection and exhibition at the Gothenburg Museum of Art (Sweden), Fries Museum (The Netherlands) and the Public Art Agency (Sweden).

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Marianne Bjørnmyr

Marianne Bjørnmyr  (1986) is a Norwegian artist, living and working in Bodø, Norway. Marianne received her MA in Photography from London College of Communication in 2012 and in 2007 till 2010 she received a BA in photography with social anthropology at Roehampton University. In her practice she works with research based photography, concerned around our perception of the photograph’s approach to reality. In 2017 Marianne and her partner Dan Mariner opened Atelier NOUA in Bodø city centre.  She has had solo exhibits in 2019 at Babel visningsrom, Trondheim, Norway and in 2017 Reykjavik Photography Museum,  Reykjavik, Iceland. She has received the Norwegian Visual Artists Association, a one year working grant in 2019 among many others.

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Johan Österholms

Johan Österholms lives and works in Stockholm, in 2019 he received  The Swedish Art Council’s International Exchange Grant along Helge Axson Johnson Grant. Johan Österholms has had several exhibitions, such as Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Centre de la Photographie Genève, McCord Museum, Montreal and Dorothée Nilsson Gallery among several others.  He completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts and a Master of Fine Art at Malmö Art Academy.

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Miriam Nielsen

Miriam Nielsen is educated from the Danish Photographic Art School, Fatamorgana, and holds an MA in Visual Anthropology from the University of Copenhagen and a BA from Soas, University of London. Miriam Nielsen is a visual artist and curator working with photography, video, sound, publications and installation.

Miriam Nielsen has also worked on Into the Landscape ‘2012 – continued’ a series of short landscape films by herself and a selection of Danish contemporary artists. Based upon the idea of ‘One place, one day and one meeting’. The films combine landscape photography and artistic reportage. She invited 4 artists to show her a particular landscape, which is significant to them creating a space for different scenarios unfold, each film attempting to portray the uniqueness of a particular landscape as well as the artist’s unique relationship with the location. 

Since the festival, she has also worked on ‘Evolving/Eroding a travelling group show visiting different locations in India (still in progress). The exhibition includes works from the artists; Amit Sheokand (I), Akshay Mahajan (I), Miriam Nielsen (DK), Jenny Nordquist (DK), Jagrut Raval (I) and Louise Bøgelund Saugmann (DK), all working with photo-based art centering around the themes of nature and the manipulation of photographic realities. As well as Material-Spirit, an exhibition is supported by Københavns Kommune, Rådet for Visuel Kunst. Looking at if time and space are removed and if the remaining elements are processed, sampled and distorted.