Solo artist 2017

Sanne Vils Axelsen 


The danish photographer Sanne Vils Axelsen was featured at Copenhagen Photo Festival in 2017 at Gasværksundergrunden in Photo City with a solo exhibition called ‘Nord’, done in collaboration with the canadian photographer .

‘Nord’ focuses on changes in nordic societies on each side of the Atlantic Ocean. Both women have observed the impact of changes such as climate and politics on each of their surrounding societies. Some of these changes are observed in the landscape, others are felt when values shift and traditions are lost. The combination of the two photographic projects provides us with two testimonies of the changes that are felt in the north when zooming in on two very distant societies.

The photographs by Sanne Vils Axelsen are focused on the loss of community, isolation and change experiences in contemporary Denmark while Schryer photographed Inuit lands of Northern Québec hinting of manifestations at new values, consumerism and a loss of traditions.


Sanne Vils has a BA in Human Geography from The University of Copenhagen and a BA in Photojournalism from The Danish School of Journalism. In 2016 she earned her Master of Fine Arts from University of Hartford. Her work has received several awards such as the Mary Frey Award in Photography from Hartford University and her work has been exhibited internationally on several occasions.

Since 2010 she has worked as a freelance photographer, and in her work she in general very attentive towards the changes of her surrounding society. Her latest series is called ‘Vindtid’ from 2017 sets out to discover and relate to internal changes of contemporary Danish society.