Solo artist 2020

Roman Korovin

My Family Photo Album

Roman Korovin contributed to the 2020 Festival Centre with the project ‘My Family Photo Album’, a fictitious story of a non-human family experiencing all the milestones a real human family would want to document through photography. With his project Latvian Korovin explores how photography as a medium has the ability to shift between real and constructed unlike any other medium. Korovin argues that in times of harsh political conditions and economical inequality it is important to imagine the world in different ways.

By interpreting the real through the constructed, Korovin questions in what way photographs are really connected to the events they evolve around. In his photographs message doesn’t appear in a single, separate frame, but in the compilation of several frames instead and the composition of such sets. This principle most expressively appears in the exhibition installations and his photo books.

Ever since Korovin graduated he has held solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group shows both in Latvia and abroad, most recent ones include “Ornamentalism. Contemporary Latvian Art” at the Collateral Events Program of the 56th Venice Biennale (Italy) and “ Meeting with Ourselves” at the Triumph Gallery, Moscow (Russia). His exhibition “Right in the Middle” won the Latvian Photography Award in 2006, and in 2008 he was nominated for the Purvītis Prize for works from the exhibition “Is the Medium the Message? Latvian Contemporary Photography”. He now lives and works in Riga, Latvia. ​


Roman Korovin (1973) graduated as a graphic artist from the Art Academy of Latvia (MA, 1997). He has worked as a music clip and advertisement Director for the production company “Vilks Studio” in Riga, Latvia, and as Assistant Manager at Fulcrum Gallery in New York, USA. Roman Korovin primarily works with photography, but is also known for his videos, paintings, drawings and ready-made installations that all draw from and expands on the body of his photographic work.