Hien Hoang

Solo Artist 2022

Hien Hoang

Asia Bistro  Made in Rice

The first time I saw an Asia Bistro was during my summer school in Berlin, Germany. When I took a closer look
at the menu, I was surprised to see that it also offered dishes from Vietnam, China, Thailand, Malaysia, and
many other countries. Without hesitation, I ordered the spring rolls. The familiar yet foreign taste of these crispy
rolls was probably the reason why I started my work “Asia Bistro – Made in Rice” 8 years later.

“Asia Bistro – Made in Rice” is an interdisciplinary project where I use photography, performance, objects and
installations to address stereotypes about Asians and the underlying discrimination of the “good immigrant”. The
central figure of the project – food, which is actually for nourishment, becomes a metaphor for cliches about Asian
cultures – a limitation, a cover, a mask. I also collected artifacts and memories about discrimination from my
family and community, and then transformed them into images and multimedia installations. In this process, the
places and spaces become an extension of my work.

In addition, “Asia Bistro – Made in Rice” reflects the volatility and impermanence of the theme of “identities” in the
Asian diaspora community. It is also about understanding the formation of my own identity and the processual
development of my artistic exploration.


Hiền Hoàng is a multimedia artist from Vietnam currently living in Germany. She holds a master’s degree in photography and design from HAW Hamburg. Her artistic repertoire includes photography, installation, performance, film, VR and object art.