EXHIBITION · Group Exhibition · Our Neighbors

Our Neighbors · Mit Kvarter Kirsebærhaven 23, 2500 Valby, Danmark

In autumn 2023, six girls between the ages of 13 and 15 from the neighborhood Folehavekvarteret completed a basic course in photography. Through the work with the exhibition Our Neighbors, the girls have explored their artistic expression and pushed their own limits in the professional meeting with their neighbors. Subsequently, the girls have been employed in a pocket money job as Junior Photographers in which they will cover events in the neighborhood as well as the rest of Copenhagen.


EXHIBITION · Group Exhibition · Our Neighbors

Turning Tables Kulturlab Kapellet Kapelvej 4, København

We need to be seen by others. Not our shiny surface. Our essence.

 In the exhibition Our Neighbors local residents from the public housing association 3B Folehaven are stylistically portrayed, framed by patterned carpets and floral backgrounds, placed unnaturally, some with an object of their own choice. Just outside the frame, 3B Folehaven's iconic yellow bricks peek out, and what initially appeared to be a professional photo studio turns out to be a regular tripod balancing on a lawn in one of the housing association’s many courtyards. In this way, the exhibition plays with the contrast between the staged and the natural; the meeting between the curated I and the I we are at home.

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