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Call for solo artists for Copenhagen Photo Festival 2025

With the theme ‘Fremkaldelse / Into the Light’ for the 2025 open call for solo artists we make a call to sharpen your gaze, shed light on your own and others’ blind spots or practice simply seeing. More specifically we encourage photographers and artists to call out what was hidden and bring it into the light in order to create understanding, insight or hope. It could be uncovering hidden stories or agendas in our society or personal (self) realizations. 

What can you win?

The winners of the call wins a solo exhibition during next year’s festival in June 2025.

When is the deadline?

The deadline for applying to the call for solo artists for 2025 is 8 September 2024.

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Copenhagen Photo Festival 2024 with Emma Sarpaniemi's work on the front of the exhibition space FRAME. Image credit: Ellen Wiklund

What is the open call?

The open call is for artists and photographers who want to break new ground and challenge the idea of what photography is and can be, now and in the future. The winners of the open call will get the opportunity to present a solo exhibition at Copenhagen Photo Festival 2025.

We put great focus on architectural and spatial considerations when we design the specific exhibition in co-creation with the artists. Led by our principle of sustainability, we strive to find creative ways to use the surroundings and architectural framework at hand for our exhibition design.

Copenhagen Photo Festival solo exhibitions aims to expand the boundaries of exhibiting photography and focus on sustainable development, not least in relation to the specific place the festival is situated, but also with regards to the materiality of displaying photography, as well as presenting new perspectives and emerging talents.

As a solo artist you will work in close collaboration with the curatorial team about the planning of the exhibition. Your exhibition will be placed in an indoor or outdoor space depending on the project and the overall curatorial strategy. In line with festival values the artist should be prepared to think creatively and experimentally in terms of the hangings and/or installations of the works.

Frederik Danielsen. Installation view from the festival 2024. Image credit: Laura Wilhelm

Overarching theme: ‘Fremkaldelse / Into the Light’

The Danish word ‘Fremkaldelse’ is specifically connected to the photographic process. Namely, as the moment of truth, when the image comes to light – or literally is “called forth’ – on film or paper after having lain hidden in the camera’s dark house. The development process fascinates because it balances skill and chemistry with chance and loss of control, so that something new and perhaps surprising appears.

To ‘fremkalde’ means to cause something to step out of the darkness and into the light – both figuratively and concretely. You shed light on what is not immediately visible. A process that requires selection and opt-out. But also patience and persistence. Qualities that are challenged in an age that celebrates quick fixes, 15 second stories and new beginnings.

In our time, the complexity of everyday life can feel like a blow to the stomach. We are confronted daily with war, conflict and climate challenges. But the intricacies of this contemporary complexity call to be brought into the light. To be seen, scrutinized patiently, shown and told about.

With the 2025 theme ‘Fremkaldelser / Into the Light’, we want to call out what was hidden in order to create understanding and insight. It could be uncovering hidden stories or agendas in our society or personal (self) insight. This year’s theme is a call to sharpen your gaze, shed light on your own and others’ blind spots or practice simply to see.

There is also hope in the theme. Spreading light in a dark time. One can so easily feel paralysed when darkness threatens. Light and hope are therefore essential to deal with the many challenges around us.

Installation of Marcus DeSieno’s project Geography of Disappearance from the 2024 festival. Image credit: Laura Wilhelm

Judging Criteria

As a solo artist at Copenhagen Photo Festival you are selected as one of the headliners of our festival.

We urge applicants to reflect on and propose how the materiality of the work can be presented, produced or designed in a sustainable way.

You can submit your application in English or Danish.

What Exhibitors Receive

As an exhibitor at Copenhagen Photo Festival, your work will receive international exposure on a plethora of platforms giving you a chance to connect with other art and photography professionals. Exhibitors will more specifically receive:

  • A solo exhibition in the heart of Copenhagen
  • € 530 fee as a festival participant.
  • € 320 support for travel to and accommodation in CPH (for international photographers)
  • Copenhagen Photo Festival will cover the expenses for the exhibition
  • A targeted PR- and marketing strategy for your exhibition on Copenhagen Photo Festival’s communication platforms
  • The possibility to meet and make contact with other exhibitors, curators and professionals through a large networking dinner, talks and gallery walks

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Programme committee

The programme committee that will be selecting the Solo Artists for Copenhagen Photo Festival 2023 consists of highly qualified professionals, who have expertise within curation, photojournalism and art. By bringing together an array of perspectives we ensure that each applicant’s work is considered and selected in regards to aesthetic, conceptual and journalistic aspects.

Søren Pagter, Head of Dep. of photojournalism, Danish School of Media and Journalism

Patricia Breinholm Bertram, Curator & Head of Communication at Martin Asbæk Gallery

Stinus Duch, Founder of DISKO BAY BOOK

Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen, Managing Director of Copenhagen Photo Festival

Requirements and Participation

  1. The application must include a biography and a CV.

  2. Applicants must present a project description of up to 3000 characters that explains the finalized concept.
  3. The concept must be related to the overarching theme of ‘Fremkaldelse / Into the Light”.
  4. The project description must outline the concept of your project: The expected number of works, the format and material of the works, if AV equipment is needed and if the project has been exhibited before (see terms and conditions).
  5. The project as a whole must never have been exhibited in Denmark before
  6. You must present a minimum of 10 images that support the concept.
  7. Image size: Minimum 1500px on the long side, sRGB.
  8. Copenhagen Photo Festival commits to providing equal opportunities, and we encourage people of all ethnic backgrounds, races, religions, ages, genders, disabilities, sexual orientations, or social statuses to apply.
  9. Applicants must be open to dialogue with CPF about the presentation of their work and the program activities surrounding it.
  10. We encourage exhibitors to consider themselves ambassadors of the festival and expect them to take part in activities both before and during the festival, both online and in person.
  11. We also expect exhibitors to participate in activities such as videos or podcasts relating to their exhibition or to offer an artist talk during the festival.
  12. Important: If you were selected as a CPF solo artist within the last three years, we recommend you to wait till next year
  13. Important: Projects that have been shortlisted in previous years will not be considered again. So we encourage you to send another project if you have been shortlisted for CPF before.

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Installation view of solo artist Chloé Milos Azzopardi's works 'Non Technological Devices'. Image credit: Laura Wilhelm