Solo artist 2018

Nils Stelte

In Security

‘In security’ documents the subtle shifts that occur in the struggle for security operating between technologisation, improvisation, media production and research and constitute the new infrastructure of things designed for our protection. Steamed from the perceived threat that grows with each terrorist attack in Europe and with it a desire for security.

Other works of Stelte include ‘Renaissance’ an ongoing project that explores the broad supply of spiritual eclectism in urban communities that strives for stress relief. Other projects include ‘Drunk in love’ and ‘Horzes’, more can be found on his website.


Berlin-based photographer Nils Stelte’s ‘In Security’ was selected from an open call to participate in Copenhagen Photo Festivals Photo-City in 2018. He is a recent graduate of Ostkreuz School of Photography where he was mentored by Ute Mahler. He holds a B.A. in Social Sciences from Humboldt University Berlin. He is currently working as a freelance photographer.