1st & 2nd June

Copenhagen Photo Festival organized a two-day programme in collaboration with Futures Photography Platform on June 1st-2nd 2023. This year theme ‘Rewilding’ payed homage to the fact that Copenhagen has been appointed World Capital of Architecture in 2023 by UNESCO . CPF always put great focus on the architectural and spatial aspects when selecting artists and when designing the specific exhibition. Our considerations are always led by our principle of sustainability, finding creative ways to blur the border between our exhibitions and the nature and atmosphere of our exhibition park at Refshaleøen in Central Copenhagen. Focusing on photography, architecture and sustainability is therefore at the core of our DNA as a photo festival. This year it was also linked to our annual theme ‘Rewilding’.

The 2-day-programme took place in a double tipi in the middle of our rewilded exhibition park in a post-industrial shipyard district of Copenhagen. The programme ambition was to inspires, explores, and not least gives space to networking across national and cultural borders and across professional circles and industries within culture. During those 2 days we included a portfolio review, three panel discussions with CPF artists and experts within each field and a networking dinner for partners, artists, experts, students,… Were invited to participate in this Meet-Up all artists and students exhibiting at the festival. They could sign up for the activities for free. The public was also welcome to join the panel discussions with a festival ticket.

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The portfolio reviexs were organized for CPF artists and the students of the schools participating in the festival. 62 people signed up to participate in the meet-up 2-day-programme

  • 46 students from the Nordic Schools (OsloMet, DMJX, Vera and Valand)
  • 16 artists involved in the festival (Futures Nordic Talents 2023, On the Verge artists, CPF solo artists, Atla artists,…)

To review the portfolio we invited experts from Futures members but also from other institutions in Europe. The experts participating were: Raphaël Biollay (Images Vevey, CH); Mie Brinkmann (Weekendavisen, DK); Krzyzstof Candrowicz (Fotofestiwal a.o, PL); Dr Biony Carlin (UK); Lise de Ganck (CPF, DK); Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen (CPF, DK); João Linneu (VOID publishing, IS); Ellen Lande Gossner (OsloMet, NO); Jenny Nordquist (Landskrona Foto, SE); Giangavino Pazzola (Camera, IT); Søren Pagter (DMJX, DK); Sisse Stroyer (Photojournalist and chairman of the Press Photographers Association); Marta Szymanska (Fotofestiwal, PL).

The reviews took place outside and in the tipi-tents. Each expert had a session of 20min with a talent to review their portfolio and talk about their work.


The panel moderated by Imagine5 included Alice Pallot (artist, FR), Daniel Hinks (artist CH/UK), Jacob Teglgaard (director of Bæredygtigt, DK), Carina Hammer (head of sustainability at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, DK), Krzysztof Candrowicz (interdisciplinary curator, PL). Read more about the panelists 

For the first panel discussion of the Meet-up, five experts discussed about the challenges of a sustainable practice, explored from artist, institutional, and event perspective. They presented their work and what they do at their level to include sustainability in their practice and how their way of working/thinking is influenced by the constant changes of the environment. After that they were invited to answer some questions from the audience or from the moderator in order to cross each other’s perspectives. Finally, organic an unformal groups were made to discuss some of the topic born from the discussion good practices.

Here you can find the video of the panel discussion!


CPF director, Maja Dyrehauge Gregersen moderated the second panel discussion with experts and artists Raphaël Biollay (curator at Images Vevey, CH), Erik Berglin (artist, SE), Hilla Kurki (artist, FI), Kristina Knipe (artist, US), Julie Linke Bank (project director at SLA architects, DK). Together the discussed art in public space: is the future of art to be more public – is it more sustainable, more democratic? Possibilities and challenges. Read more about the panelists

Click the following links to view the whole panel programme, questions for the panelists and general questions.

Raphaël Biollay and Julie Linke Bank started by presenting respectively how Images Vevey takes space in the town of Vevey to display photographers work and how SLA Architect integrate art in their projects. Then the audience went on a walk and talk with the three solo artists in front of their exhibition to talk about their experience with art in public space or about their experience with the festival displays.


Craig Ames (artist, UK), Susanne Fagerlund (artist, SE), Daniel Szalai (artist, HU), Majken Overgaard (co-founder of Korridor, DK), Lisa Giomar Hydén (exhibition director at Fotografiska Stockholm, SE) were invited to talk about artificial intelligence and more precesely about “What are the future aspects? New technologies offer new concepts of art and concepts of reality. How does it affect our understanding of the artwork? How does it challenge our ethical codex and what healing potentials does the technology offer in the global climate crisis?” Read more about the panelists 

The panel was moderated by Ezio Di Nucci, philosophy professor at Department of Public Health, the University of Copenhagen. They discussed the use of AI and other technologies in their own practice and how they use it as a tool.