Solo artist 2019

Mathias Løvgreen 

Koma Retreat

Mathias Løvgreen’s exhibit KOMA RETREAT was selected from an open call to participate in the 2019 copenhagen photo festival: festival center.  KOMA RETREAT is made with choreographer Sebastian Kloborg, and it is a piece that explores the human’s constant searching for identity, and how this search is impacted by digital technologies in our ordinary lives and our brains and bodies reactions to these digital technologies. We humans disappear more and more into a digital world but the body as a machine goes on at its own paceIn collaboration, both artists attach great importance to the interplay between video art and dance. . With the performances in KOMA RETREAT, the audience can see dancers from The Royal Danish Ballet in a meditative exploration of the room and each other. They will invite the audience to stop and let their pace go down a notch, in the middle of KOMA RETREATs hyper-digital universe.

KOMA RETREAT is inspired by an ancient Chinese tradition in which artists and scholars exhibition retreated into the mountains to strip away the modern developments of their times in search  of their pure self. Løvgreen play with this tradition in the exhibition, questioning what our digital identities mean to us and how they affect our physical conduct in the world.

KOMA RETREAT’s exhibition space is a box formed from butcher curtains, on which løvgreens video installations. Displaying traditional Chineses motifs in a hyper-digitised light, are projected. During copenhagen photo festival the audience could experience a number of performances, where  dances from The Royal Danish Ballet, Eukene Sagüés, Samuel Scott Rees and Tobias Praetorius move in and out of the box becoming libing screens on which the video installations are projected, providing a bodily investigation of the exhibitions digital themes.


Mathias Løvgreen (b. 1991) is a visual artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark whose work centers around politics, population tendencies and the obscure elements of everyday life. He has studied at  The Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague, Fatamorgana The Danish School of Art Photography and The Danish School of Media and Journalism. Mathias Løvgreen has received numerous awards in renowned photography competitions such as the Danish Picture of the Year, College Photographer of the Year, International Photography Awards and Family of Man with his works concerning censorship in Saudi Arabia and the ongoing immigrations crisis in Europe. He is currently mentored by curator and artist Erik Kessels (NL) and is continuously supported by Danish arts foundations.