Solo artist 2017

Mario Wezel

Do You Sometimes Dream Of America?

In his project: ‘Do you Sometimes Dream of America?’ Mario Wezel tries to deconstruct the romanticised conception of America. Growing up as an average European teenager, he was raised to believe in the shiny glance of the United States. A decade later he roamed the streets of the country, setting out to lift the dusty curtain and deconstruct the symbolism of this place. But all he found was loneliness, the urge to belong, the need for money, and the incredible vastness in every inch of the country. The United States of America has, throughout a century, created a net of fictional narratives about the heart of this country. People around the world often grow up with two cultures: one being their own, the other one being slightly inserted in their daily lives through the pop cultural exports from the United States. Books, movies, and music have been building the forefront in this modern form of colonization.

In his work Mario Wezel generally focuses on societal topics where he tries to reflect the norms and values that we live in. He has done 6 photo series, ‘Do you sometimes Dream of America?’ being the most recent one, which he finished in 2018.

Next to working as a freelance photographer, Mario Wezel is currently a photography intern at National Geographic (2020, december).


Mario Wezel (b. 1988) is a German photojournalist who was featured at Copenhagen Photo Festival in 2017 at Understationen in Photo City with a project called ‘Do you Sometimes Dream of America?’

Mario Wezel studied photojournalism at Fachhochschule Hannover and took the last year at the Danish School of Media and Journalism where he finished in 2013. He has participated in various exhibitions such as VISA OFF in France and Lumix Festival in Germany and his work has been awarded with prizes such as the VGH Fotopreis, Sony World Photography Awards and College Photographer of the Year in 2014.