Mario Wezel og Hannes Jung – Photograping the invisible

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Panel discussion in Photo City: “Photographic encounters with invisible struggles”. The two artists Mario Wezel and Hannes Jung will discuss their photographic work based on their exhibitions ‘Do You Sometimes Dream of America?’ and ‘How is Life? The discussion will focus on how they document and tell the stories of struggles that exist on levels not always visible to the camera that seeks to document.

The german photografer Hannes Jung photographs life, not death because death cannot be seen. His exhibition ‘How is life?’ takes into account the camera’s challenge of capturing death as a visual phenomenon. ‘How is life’, which has won gold at the College Photographer of the Year Award in the categories ‘Documentary’ and ‘Interpretative Look’, illustrates Lithuania’s poor and harsh life conditions. Jung visualizes a country characterized by alcoholism, unemployment, lack of life and a high suicide rate. Maybe it’s not possible to photograph the wind, but you can try to capture the consequences of the wind, the bent trees and rolling waves.

Through his European upbringing, Mario Wezel was commissioned to believe in the USA as the country of opportunity. A decade later he walked around the streets of the United States to reveal and deconstruct the romantic tale of the United States. In his project: ‘Do You Sometimes Dream of America?’ he depicts the essence of the country and problematizes the established performance of the country with opportunities, greener grass and freedom.

Podcast from Copenhagen Photo Festival 2017 (1.-11. juni 2017)

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