Solo artist 2019

Marco Marzocchi


Marco Marzocchi was selected from the 2019 open call with his exhibit ‘Oyster’ for the 2019 Copenhagen Photo Festival: Festival Center.  Oyster is a visual diary compiled over the course of 10 years as a way to uncover the impact of Marzocchi parents absence. The images, which border to both frustration and sometimes violence, expresses his search for a culprit, a reason for his dysfunctional childhood. Marzocchi has used archival and original imagery in his ransack of the past in order to build a meaningful present. In that sense, Oyster becomes part of the process of forgiving and letting go, a search to find love and healing.

‘Oyster represents my experience in recovering and understanding my parents, their life and their relation to me. I never knew them well because they split when I was six years old, and they both died young. Drugs, addictions, jail and a dysfunctional environment were constant elements. This work is focused on dealing with and replacing all the doubts and fears that I had. To expel the pain and search for love instead’  – Marco Marzocchi 

Oyster is an extremely personal and autobiographical story that is urgent as well as patient with its extensive research. Everything is traced back to a narrative that is both introspective and open to the outside world.


Marco Marzocchi was born  in Ferrara, Italy in 1974. Through photography he searches for people, atmospheres and places of the past that mixes with the present. He is the winner of the Gomma Grant in 2017, Premio Tabo’s Firts prize portfolio at Fotoleggendo 2018, the Urbanautica Institute Awards 2018 and was shortlisted for the Fotofilmica18 Emerging the Next Generation of Film & Analogue Photographers. He has been exhibited at MNAC Bucharest, TEMPS ZERO Bucharest 2019, Helsinki Photo Festival and Athens photo festival 2018.