Solo artist 2017

Kiên Hoàng 

Where is home

Kiên Hoàng Lê was invited by the programme committee to participate in the 2017 Copenhagen Photo Festival: Photo City  with his project ‘Where is home?’ Observing the disappearing past’. Kiên’s project consists of a personals stories about his family past in a seismographic study of history, cultural change and diaspora that already hold place in our minds as a ‘by-product’ or wars in the past and nowadays.

Leaving Vietnam at the age of five, being Vietnamese in Germany and a German in Vietnam Kiên questions his relation to the world, while carrying the memory of the travel moments , and the transitions from the  present, connecting to a broad family panorama of encounters. His search leading to a haunting photographic study of togetherness and family tradition. The vigorous observation of faces, little gestures and everyday life putting together different layer of his families essential core.


Berlin based photographer Kiên Hoàng Lê was born in Hanoi, Northern Vietnam, grew up in Bogensee, East German and has lived internationally. In 2012 he was a staff photographer with the German Newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung F.A.Z.In 2013  he studied a BA in Advanced Visual Storytelling at the Danish School of Media and Journalism, Denmark and finished his studies in Photography at the University of applied science Hannover. He prefers working on long-term projects revolving around perception and creation of identity.  Kiên won VG-Bildkunst, 2015, and was shortlisted for HENRI NANNEN AWARD, 2014. He has exhibited in German as well as abroad where he was part of a group exhibition ‘Making Heimat’, architecture Biennale, Venice, 2016, among others.