Solo artist 2017

Ida Arentoft

On The Same Latitude

The collaborative project On the Same Latitude was commissioned by and shown at Project Ability in Glasgow in 2015 and is an on-going journey consisting of individual photographic documents and correspondences. When Simon McAuley and Ida Arentoft started working together, the discovery that they were on the same latitude in Scotland and in Denmark became the virtual point of departure for their collaboration. Separated by the North Sea, a few hundred miles, and a time zone of an hour.

While making photographs they would correspond via email nearly every day, sending each other guidelines for pictures, ideas, image examples and notes on the past journeys out photographing. The dialogue shaped the project and they pointed their cameras North, South, East, West at agreed times on the same latitude and made individual responses and observations. The project functions as an expedition journal documenting an explorative trip and navigation through landscapes and times.


Ida Arentoft (b. 1984) is a visual artist from Denmark, exhibited at Copenhagen Photo Festival in 2017 at Understationen in Photo City with the exhibition ‘On the same Latitude’ done in collaboration with Simon McAuley. Arentoft graduated with a degree in Fine Art Photography from The Glasgow School of Art in 2010. As a photographer, Arentoft is interested in constructing individual and collective memories of the land, creating a visual archive, and exploring how we relate and belong to a place. In her practice she investigates aspects of time, memory, light, perceptions of land and concepts of numerous realities in photography by using the camera as a tool to record her journeys. She is interested in notions of indeterminacy and thereby in an investigation of the ability of a photograph to suggest multiple stories.