Solo artist 2021

Hashem Shakeri

Cast Out Of Heaven

The current U.S. sanctions against Iran, mismanagement by the government and the subsequent drastic drop in the value of the Iranian currency have led to skyrocketing housing prices in Iran. This has forced many Tehraners to leave the capital and seek new homes on the margins of Tehran; Parand, Pardis and Hashtgerd. The towns are part of the Mehr Housing Project, initiated in 2007—the largest state- funded housing project in Iran’s history.

These newly-constructed towns are marked by soaring residential skyscrapers notorious for social pathologies, such as high suicide rates and drug abuse. Sleep-deprived residents leave early in the morning for work, with a daily commute of two to three hours. Populations are also increasing rapidly without the adequate educational, social or health care services to support them. There is also no entertainment, nothing to do in one’s free time. Here is the land of those cast out of their heaven – the metropolitan Tehran. And they all share the bitterness of the fall. Hashem Shakeri, a native to Iran, spent more than four years meeting and documenting the residents and towns of Parand, 30 km southwest of Tehran province, Pardis, 17 km northeast of Tehran province and Hashtgerd, 25 km west of Tehran province. The series is characteristic to his wider practice as he investigates human relationships, capturing the restlessness, perplexity and social struggle in contemporary capitalist society.

“Cast out of Heaven”is the second part of Shakeris’ trilogy which deals with issues of exile, isolation, self-alienation and abandonment as experienced by the contemporary man, regardless of a specific geography. The first story of this trilogy was called “An Elegy for the Death of Hamun”


Hashem Shakeri (b. 1988) is an artist, photographer and filmmaker who lives in Tehran. Discovering photography in his adolescence, he began developing his skills through persistent trial and error. In 2010, after many years of being self-taught, he decided to pursue photography professionally. Since 2012 has been working as a documentary photographer and visual storyteller. He has been working on several long- term personal projects as well commissions from prominent international media. He has received many awards and exhibited internationally including at Rencontres d’Arles, Paris Photo, and visa pour l’image. His works have been featured in numerous publications worldwide such as The New Yorker, Sunday Times, British Journal of Photography, New York Times, Aperture, Reporters Without Borders, Der Spiegel, National Geographic and others.