Solo artist 2017


How is life?

‘How is Life’ looks at the suicide rate in Lithuania which is nearly three times as high as the average rate in the EU. It is among the highest in the world. Suicides occur more frequently in bigger cities, whereas, in rural areas, fewer people lose hope in life since social ties are still stronger. In Lithuania, on the contrary, more people commit suicide in the countryside. Especially men between 40 and 50 years old are at a high risk to commit suicide. Due to alcoholism, unemployment, no perspective and many other cases with reasons that are hard to find and even harder to understand.

“How is Life?” is not just about photography but more It is about the people and their stories. Working together with the protagonists, Jung asked them to write down their personal story. These statements being an essential part of this project. Experts often speak of collective trauma and loss of identity but the reasons for suicide are always more complex and personal and can not mainly be related to the countries trauma.


Hannes Jung participated in the 2017 Copenhagen Photo Festival: Photo City with ‘How is Life’. Jung has a degree in photography and photojournalism in Munich, Hannover, and Valencia. ‘How is life?’ was recognized with Gold in the categories Documentary and Interpretative Eye by the College Photographer of the Year award. His work has been shown in several exhibitions and festivals around Europe. He is currently working and living in Berlin.