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Explore CPF’s multifaceted collaboration with the European FUTURES Photography Platform that we have been part of since 2021. Here you can learn much more about what the FUTURES platform is, how you can become part of it through our annual FUTURES Open Call if you are an aspiring talent, meet the talents this collaboration help hatch or learn more about all the related events, networking experiences and exhibitions that the platform fosters all over Europe.



On the Verge features the newly published texts by: Aaron Schuman, Alessia Glaviano, Brad Zellar, Cat Lachowskyj, Charles Baudelaire, David Campany, Elissa Marder, Salvatore Vitale, Tim Carpenter.
And the images by: Alice Pallot, Cian Burke, Dániel Szalai, Julia Klewaniec, Mark Duffy, Pauline Hisbacq, Ugo Woatzi.

The publication is a collaboration between FUTURES and Void.


FUTURES is a European platform working all year around to promote and create events for talents within documentary photography and lens based art. More than 20 member institutions is now part of the platform always on the lookout to help ‘grow’ and support the careers of talented photographers. It is an ever expending network and you can tag along and follow them on the FUTURES Photography platforms to be updated of the latest news.

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