FUTURES “On the Verge”

Image credit: Alice Pallot

As a member of FUTURES Photography, Copenhagen Photo Festival is thrilled to receive the travelling exhibition “On the Verge” and its seven artists.

The exhibition features seven selected international FUTURES talents that each show their take on life on the edge – from the queer environment to coming to terms with Brexit. The exhibition is curated in collaboration between the three FUTURES partner institutions CAMERA (Turin, Italy), Fotofestiwal Lodz (Poland) and Copenhagen Photo Festival (Denmark).

Theme On the Verge

What does it mean to be “On the Verge” in 2023? In this exhibition you will find at least 7 different answers from the 7 photographers selected. As a society but also as individuals we are On the Verge, whether in terms of politics, ecology, identity or communication among other topics. Through more than 70 workpieces/artworks, they tell us personal and collective stories about conflicts, battles for gender equality, food and ecological sustainability or the rise of populism and nationalism across Europe. 

Exhibiting artists at the festival

These are the following artists that present us their vision of being “On the Verge”

  • Cian Burke – I fear that the magic has left this place
  • Mark Duffy – Brexit is your fault
  • Pauline Hisbacq – Songs for Women and Birds
  • Julia Klewaniec – Silent Racism
  • Alice Pallot – Suillus, looking at the sun with closed eyelids
  • Daniel Szalai – Unleash Your Herd’s Potential
  • Ugo Woatzi – Chameleon

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