FUTURES Nordic Talents 2024

Photo credit: Emma Sarpaniemi // Two Ways to Carry a Cauliflower 
Mathias Eis

One of the main pillars of Copenhagen Photo Festival is to highlight emerging lens-based artists and photographers from the Nordics. Therefore we are thrilled to now reveal the names of this year’s five selected FUTURES Nordic Talents who will be presented at this year’s festival. The festival’s programme committee has appointed five promising talents that represent the scope of current young fine art and documentary photography within the Nordic region.

Barbara Marstrand

Our FUTURES Nordic Talent call 2024 was open for talents residing in the Nordic Region, who were below 40 (born in 1984 or later), and who were either educated within the field of photography/art, or whose CV’s presented a continual professional experience within the last 3 years. The 90 applying candidates spanned a wide variety of lens-based practice from documentary or anthropological approaches to conceptual and performance-based art. We would like to thank all applicants for their contribution.

Jenni Toivonen

This year’s talents

In 2024, the CPF programme committee has selected three talents from Denmark and two from Finland for their promising qualities.

The collaboration with these artists enriches the scene of European emerging photography with their individual perspectives and innovative approaches. Barbara Marstrand explores the Danish youth with a sociological perspective, providing an empathic tool for a specific group of the population to identify themselves through her photographs. Emma Sarpaniemi challenges identity and gender norms, in a surprisingly satirical but also intimate way.

Frederik Danielsen experiments combining documentary photography and conceptual art, bringing the focus on local places and myths.

Frederik Danielsen

Jenni Toivonen intertwines personal narratives with historical and archival material, and explores photography in a, so to say, investigative manner. Moreover, Mathias Eis shifts the focus of interest on mundane spaces and transforms their value through the camera lenses.

Together they elevate the European photography landscape, fostering a dynamic dialogue and enlightening different contemporary perspectives through the eyes of their generation.

Congratulations to this year’s FUTURES Nordic Talents!

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