Solo artist 2017

Filippo Menichetti 

In Quarta Persona

In 2017 Filippo Menichetti and Martin Errichiello were invited by the programme committee to be involved in the Copenhagen Photo Festival: Photo City with their collaborative project ‘In Fourth Person’, where the two photographers explored the  mythic, southern Calabria region. Since the 1960s, in the midst of a so called “economic miracle,” Italy’s cultural and political powers established substantial processes of transformation of territories and traditions, in the name of progress be established through new roads, new industries, and a new identity. This identity had to be able, technically and politically, to connect the most isolated areas of the country with one another, to bring to the most remote souls and attitudes the promise of change. The Calabria region, a visual exploration case study, is an ancient land where the challenge of modernity has imposed its language and aesthetics. They travelled for two years through the region and its history, the project research on the anthropological, geopolitical and environmental transformation of territories and traditions. In the name of progress, the population of Calabria and the natural landscape were subjected. The project is composed of collected traces of what has been forgotten and consists of both photographs, sound, video and archive material.

Filippo Menichetti and Martin Errichiello won Premio Pesaresi 2016 and Showoff 2016, and they have been exhibited at Format Festival 2017, Derby (UK) and have been published in Lensculture Fotograf Magazine and Internazionale among others.


Filippo Menichetti was born in Florence in 1986. In 2009, He graduated in Psychology at “La Sapienza” of Rome, and went on to do a master’s degree in photojournalism and reportage to the Scuola Romana di Fotografia in Rome. He approached large format photography with a project on the urban landscape (“Ostia”, 2010) directing his gaze to the interactions between man and his environment. He has collaborated with documentary photographer Giuseppe Moccia with  “A Third Landscape?” a research on the abandonment of ski’s infrastructure in northern Italy. In 2012 he founded the collective PanAut with other authors of the Danish School of Media and Journalism where he graduated with “What Remains – meditations on a landscape”, produced on the West Coast of Denmark. In late 2013 he moved to Naples (IT), where he began a collaboration with the photographer and video maker Martin Errichiello. From 2018 he has lived and worked in Paris.