Copenhagen Photo Festival // 6-16 June

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Copenhagen Photo Festival returns 6-16 June 2024! Join us to celebrate photography all over the Danish capital for the 15th time – this time with a particular focus on the overarching theme of ‘entanglement’. We look forward to engaging with artists, photographers, collaborators, partners and the large community of art and photography enthusiasts to explore its many dynamics and celebrate photography again in June.

Entanglement · 2024 OVERARCHING THEME

The overarching theme for the 2024 festival edition is ‘entanglement’. A word or concept which refers to the way we are correlated over space and time to each other. To how we can have a mutual relationship or connection, in which one thing affects or depends on another. To the footprint that we leave, more or less intentionally.

The thought of being interconnected or interdependent can seem basic. In the sense that it is something which happens in our everyday life – whenever I do something it impacts my surroundings or relations, but it can also create reverberations that I did not foresee. With the word ‘entanglement’ we wish to focus even more closely on how we today seem to be not just connected in neat and nice networks or webs that we can observe, adjust and control.

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To mark CPF 15th anniversary, 15 selectees will be presented at this year’s festival – four with a solo exhibition and 11 in a group show. Learn more about their work.


Since 2017 FUTURES Photography has existed to develop and empower photo artists across Europe. Through more than 20 member institutions and the support of the EU culture programme Creative Europe, FUTURES Platform is now an important network thriving for the enhancement of relationships between emerging photographic talents and the industry. CPF has been part of the platform since 2021, creating the first bridge towards our Nordic region.

Through our partnership with FUTURES Photography, Copenhagen Photo Festival aims to shed light on emerging lens-based artists and photographers from the Nordics. Each year the curatorial expertise of the festival’s programme committee appoints five talents who represent the scope of current young fine art and documentary photography within the Nordic region.

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Discover the 5 FUTURES Nordic talents 2024 and their project, exhibited at Copenhagen Photo Festival

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We’re looking for volunteers who are as excited as we are to work flexibly and who enjoys helping our festival guests feeling welcome and taking on various practical tasks. Depending on your wishes and experience, you can take on different types of tasks before, during or after the festival. To be part of the CPF volunteer community, you need to contribute with a minimum of three shifts before, during or after the Festival in June. You must be +18 years to be a volunteer.

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How to find us

Copenhagen Photo Festival main exhibition site, The Festival Center, is located at Refshaleøen in Copenhagen close to Reffen – Street Food Market and across the street from Copenhagen Contemporary.

Here you can explore numerous exhibitions, screenings, talks and workshops for the duration of the festival from 6 to 16 June 2024. You can secure your ticket now online.

Refshalevej 173c, 1432 Copenhagen

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