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EXHIBITION • Emanuele Occhipinti • A’ Muntagna

6 June - 16 June


Emanuele Occhipinti • A’ Muntagna

In ‘A Muntagna’ the Italian documentary photographer Emanuele Occhipinti examines the deep, ambiguous and emotional connections between the sleeping volcanic beauty, Mount Etna (Sicily), and the locals who have lived on its slopes for centuries. Occhipinti is interested in the peculiar but very close relationship with the dormant giant that both enriches the land and its people with extraordinary beauty, sentiment and fertility, but also burns down crops and drowns entire villages in ashes once it decides to erupt.

The exhibition collects 50 Photographs from the vast work of the artist on this project, which will be displayed in the middle of the Festival Center on Refshaleøen. The interconnection between humankind and the natural environment, and the consistency of a documentary project, are emphasised by the disposition of the photographs, which will be guiding the viewer through a path, creating a narration surrounded by raw wilderness. Occhipinti explains how the concept of entanglement is embodied by the project, portraying the intricate connections between man, nature, tradition, and technology. ‘A’ Muntagna’ illustrates how these elements are interwoven in the daily lives of the Sicilian community living near Mount Etna. As such the community becomes a sort of metaphor for what it is like to live closely entangled with the forces of nature – for better or worse, but always with respect.

Emanuele Occhipinti is an independent documentary photographer, born in Sicily (Italy) and currently based in Brighton, UK. Emanuele’s photography mainly focuses on personal, long-term projects highlighting social, environmental, and anthropological issues. His works have been featured in esteemed publications including, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, Il Reportage, Neue Zürcher Zeitung and Burn Magazine, to name a few and exhibited internationally over the years in galleries and photography festivals. In ‘A Muntagna’ Occhipinti envisions the volcano as a silent protagonist, influencing the story without dominating the visual narrative. In all the photographs Mount Etna’s presence looms in the background, with hints about it, but often not shown directly. The Italian Photographer explains how the volcano is portrayed, for example, through a miniature replica of the mountain or through fireworks, or even in the pervasive presence of smoke and ash in some images. The volcano becomes an elusive force, leaving its mark on the story without explicitly revealing itself in every picture. Occhipinti started researching the connectedness of the dormant lifegiving giant and feared neighbour with the population, how their lives are both transformed and inspired by it, and the deep sense of adoration, life as well as fear. 


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6 June
16 June
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