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EXHIBITION · Manuel Alberto Claro · Samuel

2 June - 2 August


Manuel Alberto Claro · “Samuel”

In the serene ambiance of DetVideHus Café, a compelling narrative unfolds through the exhibition “Samuel,” a photographic voyage charting the growth of a boy from his first breath to his steps into adolescence. This narrative began on January 17, 2009, with the birth of Samuel, son of Manuel Alberto Claro—a name acclaimed in the circles of cinematography. The luminary behind the lens now invites us into a world where personal moments are captured with the same profound depth and dramatic intuition he imparts to the silver screen.

Manuel Claro, renowned for his technical prowess in films such as “Melancholia” and “The House That Jack Built,” applies his distinctive skills to the intimate chronicles of his son’s life. Claro’s use of natural lighting, which creates visually arresting scenes in his cinematic work, finds a gentle echo in the photographs of Samuel. These images, far from the grandiose sets of Claro’s films, are nonetheless steeped in the same emotional resonance, telling the unspoken stories of life’s quiet transformations.

The snapshots, each a testament to the photographer’s eye for the authentic and the momentous, take on new meaning within the Photofestival’s theme of “Entanglement.” Claro’s work subtly embodies this theme, showcasing the inherent interconnections of his subject’s personal journey with broader, universal experiences. The everyday scenes of family, work, and the rhythm of life captured in the images speak to a common narrative shared by all who navigate the complexities of growth and change.

“Samuel” emerges as an exhibition presented by Maxus101, demonstrating the power of photography to capture the essence of existence. Claro’s empathetic and curious gaze transforms ordinary moments into dynamic memories, serving as a metaphor for the entangled nature of our lives. Here, in the café’s welcoming space, art and life converge, offering festival-goers a unique blend of snapshot immediacy and thoughtfully composed storytelling.

This exhibition, a journey through the familiar and the mystical, invites attendees to reflect on the beauty and complexity of the world we inhabit. It encourages a contemplation of the unseen, yet deeply felt connections that bind us, through Claro’s intimate revelations of his son’s evolving narrative. Thus, “Samuel” stands as a beacon within the Photofestival, a testament to the intertwined paths we all walk, silently narrated by the candid shutter of Claro’s camera.


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Tuesday – Friday 7AM – 6PM

Saturday – Sunday 7AM – 5PM


2 June
2 August
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