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EXHIBITION · Sergei Gapon · Melting Horizons: A Journey through Changing Scandinavia

24 May - 1 June


Sergei Gapon · Melting Horizons: A Journey through Changing Scandinavia

Discover the Melting Horizons exhibition, curated by Volha Shukaila and presenting Scandinavia through Belarusian photojournalist Sergei Gapon’s lens, who lived in Denmark as a guest artist for two years. Having extensively explored Scandinavia, Gapon is excited to share his findings. 

Melting Horizons narrates Scandinavia’s story amid climate change, delving into landscapes and daily lives. Gapon’s photos depict environmental shifts, emphasizing fragility, temporality, and the potential for a vastly altered world for future generations. 

The exhibition notably features Greenland, where icebergs punctuate the horizon, and humpback whales navigate melting ice. Gapon, a firsthand observer, captures climate change’s profound impact on the environment and local communities. Cracks in glaciers, melting phenomena, island life, and the North’s captivating beauty document human adaptation to a changing world influenced by climate variables. 

Melting Horizons seamlessly blends journalistic perspective with artistic sensitivity. Each photograph captivates with intricate details, harmonizing nature’s beauty, ecological vulnerability, and the modern technological world. Gapon encourages viewers to ponder the impermanence of scenes captured and consider the global consequences of daily actions. The exhibition stands as a visual testament to the fragility of our surroundings, urging reflection on our role in shaping a sustainable future.



The City of Copenhagen has been a ICORN city since 2010 and has had four artists living in the period. Copenhagen is from 29-31 May host city for the ICORN International General Assembly. The City of Copenhagen sees an opportunity to raise awareness that Copenhagen functions as a ICORN city. As an ICORN city, Copenhagen works actively for freedom of expression, human rights, and artistic freedom on a global level. ICORN are an international membership organization for cities, municipalities or regions that works for freedom of expression and provides temporary protection for persecuted artists, writers, photographers, journalists, etc. Today there are 86 ICORN cities in the network. The General Assembly is held in collaboration with Dansk PEN, which is a branch of International PEN and the membership consists of writers and communicators of the written word. Today, there are PEN centers in more than 100 countries worldwide. The organization has around 20,000 members worldwide.


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24 May
1 June
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