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EXHIBITION • Chloé Milos Azzopardi • Non Technological Devices

6 June - 16 June


EXHIBITION • Chloé Milos Azzopardi • Non Technological Devices

French artist Chloé Azzopardi Incorporates sculpture and performance into her photography as she ponders on the future. Her project ‘Non Technological Devices’ takes us on an imaginary, futuristic journey as she introduces us to her creative world of self made low-tech sci-fi sculptures made out of found natural materials. The sculptures function as extensions of the body, echoing the idea of cyborgs. Her work playfully intervenes and disrupts our common imaginaries about the future of technology, sci-fi and imagination in a climate and technology driven world stripped of ressources.

In the exhibition both photographs and the sculptural devices used in them are displayed. ‘Non Technological Devices’ surprises you by intricately connecting photography, performance, and installation to create a fictional world that challenges our perceptions of technology, nature, and our collective desires for the future. Chloé Azzopardi’s work delves into science fiction aesthetics, the construction of imaginary worlds, and the implications of human intervention in nature. The objects depicted in Azzopardi’s images are composite tools that she crafts from gleaned natural elements, mimicking the appearance of technological devices. The artist employs an intuitive process, considering both the materials she finds and the imperfections in the objects she creates. These sculptures function as extensions of the body, echoing the idea of cyborgs, but with an organic twist. 

Chloé Milos Azzopardi is a visual artist working and living at L’Ile Saint Denis, on the outskirts of Paris. She focuses on long-term projects with an interdisciplinary approach. At the intersection of experimental and documentary photography, her images generate fictional worlds, whose strangeness and sensoriality are exacerbated. ‘Non technological devices’ has been already featured in several exhibitions such as the Melbourne International photo festival and at the Fisheye Gallery in Rencontres d’Arles. In this series, Azzopardi examines our relationship as human beings with the rest of the earth’s living organisms, the entanglement from which we try to extract ourselves as a species, even though we are intrinsically part of it. The French Artist states that entanglement is at the heart of all living things. She proceeds explaining how we live in different ecosystems where beings are interdependent, with the actions of each having repercussions on the collective. Chloé Azzopardi looks at the way we exploit it, and thinks about how to create new imaginaries that might help us recognize these interdependencies, and seeks ways to build our future and our devices in ways that are less destructive to our environment.


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6 June
16 June
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