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6 June @ 10:00 - 16 June @ 20:00



The CREATIVE UPCYCLING HUB is here with captivating free workshops for everybody, come along and join us, come with friends or meet new ones there. Young and old, adults, kids and students, everybody is welcome! Spend some time creating things with your hands and train your imagination.

The HUB will be open for the all duration of the festival. Participants will have the opportunity to unleash their artistic side and enjoy different kinds of activities surrounded by photography to get inspiration from.


This space will host two permanent workshops featuring two of our esteemed solo artists of 2024: Mafalda Rakos and Chloè Milos Azzopardi. These workshops serve as an extension of their exhibited artwork, that the public can experience in first person. In addition, you can also find four other creative activities.


Mafalda Rakos

Participants engage in a hands-on experience creating personalised portraits, either of themselves or others. They capture and print their chosen photo, then delve into artistic expression by drawing or writing on the printed images that convey emotions and thoughts. Attendees will go home with a unique piece of artwork, infused with their own creativity and personal touch.

Chloé Milos Azzopardi

Using a variety of organic materials such as wood, stone, and leaves, participants construct their own natural compositions, incorporating elements like knots. They document their creations through photography and print the images, resulting in a tangible keepsake. This workshop provides participants a hands-on, tactile experience and a unique, non-technological device to take home.


“Photos, needle and threads” 

This workshop combines the art of sewing with photography, using colourful threads to stitch onto preferred images. Participants will create small artistic pieces, merging the realms of photography and sewing.

“Pick & Collage”

This workshop centres around cutting out pages from catalogues and reassembling the pieces to create new photos/images.Participants can also add additional elements like leaves, flowers, or plants, and freely colour them, even sewing onto them for added artistic flair.


Discover the beauty of simplicity in this workshop dedicated to the ancient art of origami. Using unused catalogue sheets as their canvas, participants will learn to fold and shape paper into intricate designs.

“Poster Kite Revival”

 In this workshop, old posters find new life as participants transform them into vibrant kites. Each kite becomes a unique expression of art and a key point is recycling beautiful images and paper.


This space also offers space for our MERCH ROOM, where you’ll find an array of clothes, bags, posters, books and others! A place where people can immerse themselves in a world of souvenirs that capture the essence of our event. Our merchandise zone has something for everyone!


6 June @ 10:00
16 June @ 20:00
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