Exhibition Park

Visit our festival centre – a 10,000 m2 wasteland turned into an innovative exhibition park. We connect art with social events and open-air music supplied by DJ’s.

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Photo by Hans Vedsted
Photo by Hans Vedsted

Our programme is out now!

The festival focuses on new forms of exhibiting, new ways of using photography, and features work from both established and emerging artists, who get a creative outlet through the festival, where their raw uncut creativity is on full display.
During the festival, a lot of activities are happening: DJ sets performed by famous local figures during the Apéro, book signings, workshops, talks, yoga classes and much more for both kids and adults alike.

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Alastair Philip Wiper From the series Pleasure Points (2019)
Ute Behrend From the series Back to nature (2018-2020)
Ira Lupu From the series On Dreams and Screens (2020)