Exhibition on the walls of Vesterbro // Erik Berglin – The Bird Project

Exhibitions in public space // 1 to 11 June

This year's headliner at Copenhagen Photo Festival photographer artist Erik Berglin (1980, Sweden) invites you to spot the 12 birds spread out around the walls of Vesterbro.

In connection with this year's Copenhagen Photo Festival’s theme Rewilding, the artist Erik Berglin has scattered a part of his 12-year long photographic project The Bird Project in the city.

Straight out of (old) ornithological magazines, these birds have been re-photographed, printed at real size, cut out and glued on the walls of the buildings in this very urban area of Copenhagen by the artist. The total project contains more than 4,000 photos and has already toured some of the world's largest cities.

The Bird Project is a conceptual work that questions the authenticity of photography. In his practice, Erik Berglin pays as much attention to the process as to the final result. This art project questions the visual impact of such colourful birds on the Copenhageners and raises awareness of the rewilding of cities by animals and the artificiality and consequences on the ecosystem of such a practice.

Erik Berglin has been selected among 250 participants from all over the world, through an open call on this year’s overarching theme ‘Rewilding’ which contributes to the conversation about sustainable urban development and sustainable art in public space as part of Copenhagen being UNESCO World Capital of Architecture in 2023.

The public space exhibition in Vesterbro is supported by Vesterbro Lokaludvalg and Dansk Ornitologisk Forening.

On June 2 you can join artist Erik Berglin and Dansk Ornitologisk Forening for a tour of Vesterbro spotting the birds – click to learn more!

Art tour // The Bird Project // Tour of Vesterbro with Erik Berglin and Dansk Ornitologisk Forening

Art tour // 4.30-5.15 pm

Join us for a unique and exotic birdwatching tour of Vesterbro Friday 2 June when one of the festival's headliners is taking us for a 'rewilded' tour of Vesterbro spotting exotic birds on the city walls.

Over a period of twelve years the Swedish photographer artist Erik Berglin wheat-pasted hand cut photographs of birds in cities all around the world and now in connection with his exhibition at Copenhagen Photo Festival he has done the same thing in Vesterbro.

For The Bird Project each bird is made in natural size and placed in a carefully selected location and then documented by the artist. In total Berglin placed no less than 4982 photographs of birds that were wheat-pasted in twelve cities all around the world.

For this tour Eric Berglin will take us through the streets of Vesterbro to spot out the more than 20 exotic birds in life size around Vesterbro. During the tour he will talk about the species we find, about their natural habitat and his project rewilding the cities around the world with photographs of life size birds. The project combines ornithology, storytelling and street art/street photography.

The Bird Project is supported by Vesterbro Lokaludvalg and Dansk Ornitologisk Forening.


What: Art tour in Vesterbro with photographer Erik Berglin

Where: The tour takes of from Naturbutikken, Vesterbrogade 138, 1620 København V (home of Dansk Ornitologisk Forening)

When: 2 June 4.30-5.15 pm

NB! Dont forget to bring your zoom lens or binoculars!