WORKSHOPS – Rewild your photo skills!

At the festival center we invite you to test and develop your photographic skills with a number of workshops that celebrate photography and old school techniques – from cyanotypes to wet plate and polaroid transfer. ⁠You can even learn the Japanese technique of stab stitching and sew your own photo or note book. 

From cyanotypes to polaroids

Learn how to do beautiful Cyanotypes, an old analogue photographic technique. On this 3-hour course, you will be introduced to all stages of the technique and have the opportunity to try it out with simple tools. ⁠The workshop will be conducted by Barbara Katzin and Charlotte Siewartz from Fotografi på Godsbanen in Aarhus and takes place on 3 and 4 June.

We also host a workshop exploring the practice of polaroid transfer in which a short introduction to Polaroid’s techniques are included, after which the participants themselves try the technique and its possibilities.⁠ The workshop is organised by Sille Juline Høghly Petersen, paper conservator and artist herself.

The magic of wet plate photography

On 4 June you have a rare chance to get an introduction to wet plate photography! Explore the roots of photography and delve into the magic of the 19th century technique of wet plate photography with the professional photographer Henrik Wichmann.⁠ By the end of the workshop you get your own print home with you.

Japanese book binding techniques

Finally, on the 10 June we will host the workshop ‘Thread the needle’ in which you learn to sew your own notebook with the oh-so-elegant and versatile Japanese stab binding and the functional and easy Singer stitch.⁠ The workshop is taught by Julia Mejnertsen who is also the founder of the publishing house Blankt Papir Press.

Be quick to sign up – limited seats

To participate in the festival center workshops you need to sign up directly with the organiser and please note that there is a fee for materials to sign up. The festival ticket to enter the festival center is not included in the fee. 

Find more information about each workshop in the festival center and at our festival partners here: 


Workshops at the Festival Center 

3 June – ‘Cyanotypes’

4 June – ‘Cyanotypes’

3 June – ‘Polaroids Transfer’

4 June – ‘Wet Plate photography’

10 June – ‘Thread the needle’


Workshop at ours partners

3 June – Open House and workshops at FABRIKKEN for Kunst&Design

8 June – ‘Home Writing’ at Fotografisk Center

9 June –  Photo demo w. Ulla Hauer at Kunst 86


Polaroid Transfer workshop at 2022 festival – on a rainy day. Video: Sonia Tomegeros

Workshop // Blankt Papir Press –Thread the needle

THREAD THE NEEDLE is a 2-hour workshop where you learn to sew your own notebooks. In the workshop you learn both the simple, but oh-so-elegant and versatile Japanese stab binding and the functional and easy Singer stitch.

As a participant, you will learn about materials and tools that must be used to sew books yourself. Everyone goes home with their own handmade notebooks, as well as knowledge and understanding of what it means to sew them. Going forward the techniques taught can be used to make your own journals, notebooks, zines, artist books and/or photo book dummies.

The workshop is perfect for beginners and anyone can join. All materials are included at the price of 400 DKK. Registration via Max. 8 participants.

About the teacher: Julia Mejnertsen has taught bookbinding at Fatamorgana, Kbh. Film and Photography School, KEA and ISSP. Julia is also a photographer and publisher of handmade photo books at her publishing house, Blankt Papir Press.

Please note:

  1. To participate in the workshop it requires a Festival-ticket (DKK 130).
  2. It is not possible to get a refund of the registration fee.