Group exhibition // Fatamorgana Spring 2023 Graduation Exhibition


Presenting a diverse display of photography, video, and installations, the latest exhibition at Kulturhuset Støberiet features the works of the spring semester 2023 at Fatamorgana The Danish School of Art Photography.

The exhibition consists of a selection of works curated by the students. The students all have a special interest for either film or photography and age-wise they span almost three decades. The education at Fatamorgana is based on ‘assignments’ that the students have to ‘answer’. The time given for an assignment can vary like the content of the assignment and the students are given anywhere between one to five weeks to work on their answer. Only very few assignments will be reused from one year to the next. This gives the teachers the possibility to develop the assignments to challenge the students in the most meaningful way every time. Several assignments are even curated to the individual student. This being the case for the final assignment, where students have chosen either to continue on an earlier assignment or to receive a completely new one. 

The works displayed highlight the various styles and perspectives that the students possess. They all have their own unique way of approaching their art.

Since 1989, Fatamorgana has been a springboard for artists who want to take the next step in their artistic development. The school offers an environment which emphasises artistic expression and interpretive thinking. At Fatamorgana, the students are encouraged to develop an individual style and approach to their work. The teachers work closely with each student to guide them in expressing their own voice in their art.

The Fatamorgana FORÅR 2023 graduation exhibition is open from 8-11 June at Kulturhuset Støberiet. The doors open at 5pm on June 8th for the vernissage with an opening speech. During the exhibition there will be an assortment of small events. It will also be possible to buy some of the works from the students as well as the school’s new merch.


Opening hours

Thursday June 8th: 17:00 - 21:00
Friday-Sunday: 9:00 - 16:00
Events Friday-Sunday from 20:00


Image credits: Kasper Teiner