Exhibition // FUTURES Talents 2023 – Group show

Group exhibition – Festival center // 1-11 June

As part of its collaboration with FUTURES, Copenhagen Photo Festival each year gets to select five talents from its region. This year the FUTURES talents appointed by CPF were selected among nearly 100 young applicants seeking our open call from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. 

The Scandinavian background of the five artists here and their photo related education is maybe one of the few things they have in common. From photojournalism or (very) personal stories to the use of Artificial Intelligence with an environmental focus, they present the best of what emerging photography can be in Scandinavia. They are now part of the FUTURES platform and are exhibiting for the first time as members.

The five talents are  Susanne Fagerlund (SE)⁠, Sofie Flinth (DK), Mikkel Hørlyck (DK), Giulia Mangione (IT/NO) and Jonas Yang Tislevoll (NO).  Their projects are presented in the outdoor atrium courtyard in our container construction FRAME at the festival center.

About FUTURES Photography Platform

Copenhagen Photo Festival has been a member of the FUTURES European Photography Platform since 2021. FUTURES is a research platform on contemporary photography that focuses on mapping and supporting emerging authors beyond national borders. FUTURES is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. 

The Nordic FUTURES Talents 2023 exhibition is generously supported by Nordic Culture Point.

Opening hours 1-11 June 11 am - 8 pm



The Nordic FUTURES talents 2023 from Copenhagen Photo Festival


Susanne Fagerlund (SE)⁠ // The Doppelgänger Series – Mourning mirrors for what is being lost, 2022

The project The Doppelgänger Series – Mourning mirrors for what is being lost consists of photographs from nature reserves, collaborations with artificial intelligence (AI), holograms and videos. Fagerlund photographs in forests, collecting what is at risk of extinction and freezing it forever in images. Grief and the loss of biodiversity are important parts of this series, where the archive of her images undergoes photographic cryonics with the help of AI.


Sofie Flinth – A million dollar view
Sofie Flinth – A million dollar view

Sofie Flinth (DK), A Million Dollar View, 2019-ongoing

In A Million Dollar View Flinth explores and shows the portrait of a woman, Henny (born Hendrika Catharina Louise), afraid of getting older but who defines herself as a character. She also had a “show name”, Juliette, for whenever she hosted fashion shows in her fashion boutique. The protagonist of the story lives with her dog on the 6th floor of a concrete apartment building. She moved into the building with her husband, who passed away five years ago, because of its “million dollar ocean view” and the feeling of freedom they got out of it. Together with Henny, Sofie Flinth tries to capture a piece of the woman’s fabulous past. 




Mikkel Hørlyck – Jørgen a Mystery

Mikkel Hørlyck (DK), Jørgen, a Mystery, 2016-2021

In 2016 Mikkel Hørlyck met Jørgen in Aarhus when he was still at university. Through the years, the two men became friends and Hørlyck photographed him until his death in 2021. “Jørgen, a Mystery” is a testimony of a relationship between two friends, between a man and his addiction to drugs and between a man and his guardian angels. We can see how life is treating Jørgen through his bedroom, the heroin clinic or his mother’s house.



Giulia Mangione – The Fall

Giulia Mangione (IT/NO) // The Fall, 2022

The photographic project “The Fall” takes inspiration from popular myths surrounding the apocalypse and less credible, associated theories. In this piece of work, Mangione investigates how potentially catastrophic events, environmentally triggered or otherwise, have an impact on society and how the latter is preparing for them.






Jonas Tislevoll – Take care of yourself son, your mom loves you

Jonas Yang Tislevoll (NO) // Take care of yourself son, your mom loves you, 2022

Take care of yourself son, your mom loves you is a very personal journey for Tislevoll, translated into his most trusted medium, photography. The series touches on the topics of family relations, adoption, connections between an adopted child and his biological mother.





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