Talk // Jette Bang as photographer

Talk // 18:30

During the 1930s and 40s, the photographer Jette Bang (1914-64) documented a Greenland that was disappearing in favor of modernization and Europeanisation. With presence, tenderness and effort, she got very close to women and children in particular, of whom she created intimate portraits in their everyday life.

She was the first woman to document the original Greenland, and her photographs and documentary films were groundbreaking, not least because they depicted a Greenland completely different from what the Danes had seen before.

Jette Bang's photographs are the first professional photographic works of art from Greenland, and her images are considered a unique cultural heritage.

Get to know Jette Bang's work thoroughly when Leise Johnsen, director of Det Grønlandske Hus and author of the photo book 'From the Polar Bear's Belly', presents this photo lecture (in Danish). With a rich selection of Jette Bang's images, she introduces the audience to Bang's method and explains why her images are considered cultural heritage.

Denmark 2023. 60min. Danish dialogue


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