Artist talk // Jacob Holdt: How it turned out for my friends

Artist talk // 16:00 - 18:00

Talk by Photographer Jacob Holdt

Jacob Holdt is famous for his lectures on racism, integration, oppression and the popular slideshow "American Pictures" and in 2019 published the book "On Saying Yes", reflecting on the massive success "American Pictures" received. In this lecture, he talks about the people he has met and photographed along the way. Jacob will elaborate on the topics of saying “yes” and what it really means to be close to the people you photograph. Not just as a someone with a camera, but as a human being. The talk is in Danish.

About Jacob Holdt
Danish photographer, author and lecturer known worldwide for his book and lecture "American Images". He has since produced "Indians and Beans in Bolivia" and "Nepal's Soil". In 2009 he received the prestigious Fogtdals Fotografprisers honour award.


There is room for a maximum of 15 participants at the event.

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