Art tour // Celebrating photography and architecture with CPF x Art Week x CAFx

Copenhagen Photo Festival has joined forced with Art Week and Copenhagen Architecture Festival for this art tour where we will explore photography and architecture at four art galleries in the center of Copenhagen which present artists who all work with photography or architecture in their works. From Dutch Peggy Franck to Danish Per Kirkeby. 

The tour begins with Per Kirkeby at Galleri Susanne Ottesen and takes us to Galerie MøllerWitt where we will explore Jesper Rasmussen’s architecturally challenged buildings and Peggy Franck at Alice Folker Gallery. The tour ends at the Arden Asbæk Gallery which shows works by Halfdan Venlov and it's associated bigger brother Martin Asbæk Gallery, where we will explore the group exhibition of photographic art linked to architecture and space.

The tour is a collaboration between Art Week, Copenhagen Photo Festival and Copenhagen Architecture Festival CAFx.

The tour will be in Danish. 

RSVP: CPF has a limited number of seats at this tour, so you need to register your participation before 6. june 12 pm at with a screenshot of your festival ticket .

Meeting place: In front of Galleri Susanne Ottesen – Gothersgade 49, 1123 Copenhagen K 12.30 pm.

Exhibition // Jesper Rasmussen - Ny Topografi (New Topography)

For many years, the visual artist Jesper Rasmussen has been working with the photographic representation of architecture. His work mainly consists of digitally manipulated photographs depicting buildings and city spaces in which doors, windows,
traffic, and other signs of human function and behaviour are edited out, leaving the spaces alien and unreal. Other works show interiors and museum spaces in which light sources and artworks have been removed, leaving only shadows and reflections of the missing objects behind in the image like ghostly spectres.

Jesper Rasmussen’s photography operates in the grey area between the authentic and the artificial, between the objective and the subjective, and his images play on photography’s mythology of reproducing authentic representations of what was in located
in front of the camera when the photograph was taken.
The pictures carry an uncanny atmosphere, in which the familiar and trusted is rendered obscure and unsettling. The photographs seek to inspire wonder, an essential quality of art. They present a different conception of rooms and spaces, a new topography.

The exhibition New Topography consists of new photographs and can be divided into three categories:
From the series Off Location, we are presented with monumental skyscraper façades where missing windows help emphasise the buildings’ sculptural idiom. The building façades depicted in the series range in style from art deco to brutalism, two architectural
styles that are immediately viewed as being different from each other, but which have a lot of their geometry and idiom in common.
Next is a series of night scenes from public facilities and parks in which all light sources and streetlights illuminating the park scenery have been removed from the image, leaving the trees and vegetation lit but with the origin of this light made impossible to identify. The illuminated parts of the photographs emerge from the darkness, like in a classic chiaroscuro painting.
Finally, there is a third category, consisting of interior photographs from Faaborg Museum. These photographs were made for a solo exhibition that Jesper Rasmussen recently held at Faaborg Museum where he entered into dialogue with architect Carl Petersen's unique museum building from 1915, which is lavishly furnished with pillars, domes, coloured walls, and floor mosaics. In the manipulated photographs, its geometries are unfolded, making the museum spaces bigger and allowing the viewer to look around corners or view spatial sequences that are otherwise not immediately visible to the human eye.


Opening hours

Wednesday - Friday: 12:00 - 18:00

Saturday: 11:00 - 15:00