Exhibition // Ebbe Stub Wittrup and Jonas Handskemager – The Study of plants and music

The project The Study of plants and music takes its point of departure from Vilhelm Lauritzen's Radiohus, in particular the house's roof garden. Jonas Handskemager and Ebbe Stub Wittrup will create artistic interventions which is incorporated into the architecture of the house. They will sharpen a curiosity about the synergies that arise in the meeting between music and plants.

Light shafts have been placed in various places in the roof gardens, which will be transformed into Camera Obscura. Thus, a photographic living image of the life of the gardens will be projected onto the surroundings. The simple and wonderful technology will also support the functionalist idea of ​​the house; that the function and the constructions determine the shape and plan of the house.

The artists will further create an auditory landscape based on the house's musical activities. That will be transmitting up into the gardens, to support the architect's basic interests for plants.

The artistic intervention is a permanent public decoration that will be inaugurated on 6 June 2023 in connection with the celebration of Copenhagen at UNESCO’s World Capital of Architecture. 

The event will be celebrated not only as part of Copenhagen Photo Festival but also as a cross-festival partnership with Art Week and Copenhagen Architecture Festival CAFx

The opening takes place 6 June from 2 to 4 pm.

Art tour // PREMISES

Guided tour // 17:00 - 18:00

From compelling architecture to the intimate rooms of the domestic space, the structural elements of our surroundings have been a popular subject matter in art since the Renaissance. By the end of the 20th century, interior painting as a genre had become widespread, and the subjects, styles and techniques developed along with historical events and social changes. 

In the group exhibition PREMISES, Martin Asbæk Gallery explores the depictions of our surroundings through the work of photo-based artists such as Trine Søndergaard, Elina Brotherus, Martin Liebscher, and others, exploring the premises of the home, of beliefs and of personal history, all connected with architecture and spaces.